Sunday, October 31, 2010

Brown Chicken Brown Cow...

If you are related to me and reading this, you might want to hit the Eject button stat because I'm going to be real about my current feelings (actually you all might want to say "check please" right now).

I don't know if it's that my 3 Year Celibacy Challenge is coming to an end here in a matter of a weeks or if my soul-raping loneliness from Wicked's passing is encouraging me to act out sexually, but I want to be on you. Yes, you. I don't know who you are and all the better. I dreamt last night that I was knocked up with Jon Hamm's baby and we were fleeing cross-country. (It's one of the best dreams of late.) Also dreamt about someone I know and being knocked up with his kid, and also my ex-husband's. I know in dreams that being pregnant isn't actually being pregnant, but I think sex dreams are sex dreams and these were those as well. Thank you, Mr. Hamm, Man-who-I-cannot-mention-by-name, and yes even you too ex-husband. Last nights dreams were AMAZING.

I was catching up on the last month's worth of "Weeds" and finally saw "the episode" a good friend of mine told me about (same friend who told me the brown chicken brown cow joke). It was glorious. If you watch "Weeds" it was the Mark-Paul Gosselaar as the bartender one. If you saw it, you will DEFINITELY remember it. Tonight, I think I'll pretend it was my long, wavy, brunette hair he was grabbing.

I told you to bail in the first sentence so it's your own damn fault it's gone on this far.

For our song tonight I give you the mashup of "Come Together" and "Closer". I'm not a fan of "Come Together", but I like this.

I swear to God if I see that this has been disabled too...

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