Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ways You Give Your Power Away: Taking the Easy Way Out

Hello, All

Thank you to those who have been reading faithfully each day. I hope these have helped you. Quoting one last time from "Waking Up Groggy"

"10. Taking the easy way out

It’s easier to follow status quo and do what’s expected, or what’s the least challenging but it deadens your soul. You’re here to fulfill a mission and it’s your mission alone.

How many times have you found yourself giving too much energy to something that’s insignificant? Shying away from our fears is giving our power away because strength comes from overcoming challenges and obstacles. Strength comes from facing our fears head on until we are no longer afraid.

Recognize where you might be giving your power away and take steps to change. The result will be feeling your inner fire and walking tall and strong on your own path."

Growing is hard. Reaching out for something new is scary. At times I have all the courage in the world, other times, like now, I feel stripped of every drop of courage. I question all the times I have stepped out confidently moving towards what I want only to have it slip through my fingers. So I guess my challenge to myself with all this is to look how I'm giving away my power. Perhaps if I stop, I'll regain the strength I need to keep forging through the difficult times to where I'm meant to be. I still do NOT know where that is, but surely I'm closer. Right?

My challenge to you - you are amazing. Whether I know you or not, I know that. There is something special about you. So don't let people or things in your life drain you of your power. Go back and reread these if you have to. Go to "Waking Up Groggy"'s blog where they are all in a single post. Look and see where you're allowing yourself to be weakened. Then STAND UP. Refuse to let this go on any further.

You do that, I will take my own advice, and together we will stand strong. :)