Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wow, That Was Fast

So the weekend is over already and so is January for that matter. One month down and what have I to show for it? The move, better standing at the job, January's weight loss goal achieved, and finally getting on board with acupuncture.

Goals for February: Well naturally February's weight loss goal. Definitely need to increase physical activity. Due to inclement weather and inclement body (seriously, EVERYTHING hurts on me right now) I have not been active much. I mean there was the move and packing/unpacking. I've been out walking twice and done some workouts with weights, but nothing to crow about. So that's a big Feb goal. Get more active. If I'm going to hit my goal by July and get to go on vacation I need to step it up.

I also need to find a place for everything and put everything in its place. I have the house about 70% sorted. I'd like that to be 95% by EOM.

Have people to the house. I've only had one visitor thus far. I'm still reluctant to have a lot of people here at once, but I'll baby-step it. I've never had more than a couple couples to my place so I need to get out of my comfort zone and I'll do that this month.

Work on Quintessentially You. What does that mean? Ummm, I'm not sure. I know I need to get the word out. So I will be thinking of ways to do that.

Start writing the story. I need to set aside time each week for this.

Make February a longer month because I have A LOT to do!!! ; )


So I think today is technically my anniversary looking at the calendar. I think I left Orlando on Jan 30th of 2008 and got here early in the very early a.m. of Jan 31st. I guess that's why I can't keep it straight as to what the proper date is. Anyway.

I was going from four a.m. until whenever I collapsed last night. It was a great day. I learned that I live in Mayberry. They turn off the traffic lights and there is NO ONE on the streets except you and the occasional cop. I love that. I really feel that I'm in a super-safe location. That's good because I accidently didn't lock my door (twice yesterday).

I did the Modern Home Tour with Jim. It was a whirlwind of house viewing since I had a facial appt the took a bit of a chunk out of the afternoon. We did homes #2, #6, #10, #14, & #9. I think I got that right. Very interesting. Saw some cool ideas, but I really had it reinforced that yes, BIG homes are nice, but I'm more of a smaller, warm, and cozy home girl myself. I'm sure if Jim never heard the word "warm" again from me it would be too soon.

The evening ended with meeting at Fino's and have a marvelous dinner. If you want the details, I wrote a yelp review

I really am astonished at how my life has developed here. I feel like I have a family here. I truly do. I have met so many kindred spirits here, and I feel blessed to have come here and to call Austin my home.

So what shall we get up to this year, Austin? ; - P

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Tired...

Well I was going to recap the day's events, but I had a few really good cocktails tonight and ended with Absinthe. After an hr long convo with GM, I'm too tired to write about my day which started at 4a.m. It was a really good day though. I think my Austinversary is actually tomorrow, but hey. It's almost tomorrow. Ohhhh big, comfy bed. Here I come!!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Oh God. They are so awesome. We all love them and they are not getting any younger. Mine are my world as they are more parents to me than my own parents. Grandfather has surgery on Monday and I am worried.

Two close friends have lost their Grandfathers in the last two months. The most recent this week and his funeral is tomorrow. I just saw a photo of him on her FB and lost it. I've been thinking about him and her all week, but shit that really hit home hard.

I turn 35 April 18th and GF turns 80 the next day. I really need to get prepared. Once they hit 80, anything can happen. I'm so not ready for that.

Great Day ; )

Wow, everything is really turning around. I'm feeling very optimistic about it all. My boss and I are getting on so well now. My review was today and I'm sitting here all smiles. All I did was drop the wall I had up and every thing is golden. I think ever since I got certified to life coach I've had an F this attitude about any thing in the "Corporate America" sector and that's not cool on my part. I still have a lot to learn about not burning bridges and having a chip on my shoulder, but I am learning. It's funny. She said that today. She was saying that I am very open to learning new things. Something to that effect and I almost laughed because it's something I'm seeing in myself. I'm a lot less know-it-all lately. I guess because life and the last few years have taught me that and so I'm far more malleable than I used to be. Well good for me. ; )

Tomorrow is going to be chockfull of awesome. Great way to spend my Austin Anniversary.

I was going to game night, but I've had a bad pain in my back so I'm going to take it easy tonight and watch a couple films and hang with the babies. Zoe is in heat again. Pray for us.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Working for the Weekend...

This week has been odd. My mind isn't on work, but things are good there so I'm trying to keep my mind on it. I think I'm just excited about all the goings on that will be going on.

My two year anniversary in Austin is this weekend. That's kinda cool. Two years is normally my statute of limitations for interest in things, places, people, etc. Anyone or thing that holds my interest beyond two years is doing VERY well. So, Congratulations, Austin. You're still alright by me.

Tomorrow night I'm going to a game night. I love games and I'm going to be taking mental notes because I too wish to have game nights here, but I have never done one and I'm reticent. Then Saturday I finally have another facial and then dinner at Fino's. Wooo Hooo.

So yeah, I think I had so much exciting at the end of the week that I'm just biding my time to get to it.

Oh well. It is almost here. ; )

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Warning: If you're a man, you might not want to read this one.

Not feeling stellar today. Lady troubles. Think it's worse because of the acupuncture. You know the worse before it gets better thing. As a result I did not make it to the Yacht Rock Elite Event. I'll be glad if and when this all gets sorted out for me. It sucks to have to constantly back out of things because I'm just not up to it.

Oh well if I'm not better tomorrow I should be by Friday. Excited about about Fri/Sat night. So I will soldier on. I'm such a trooper. ; )

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Moaning

So these hills in my neighborhood. They are plentiful. They are steep. They are going to be the death of me.

Once I get used to them, I know I'll be happy with the effect they'll have on certain parts.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mixed Bag of Emotions Today

One of those need-to-take-a-deep-breath-and-let-it-out days.

I start off tired because these flipping cats namely Zoe & Evil will NOT let me sleep from 2-3a.m. and on. I'm really getting tired of this. I finally have a total sanctuary and these cat bastards are destroying it. Oh well, we know I love them.

I see I got Review of the Day for Perla's and that made me all giddy because YES that really pushes my happy buttons.

I get out the door in ample time and then I see my car windows are all iced over. I forgot about this with having a garage. So I finally get that sorted (i need to get a scraper thingy) and get to work.

Morning is great and then one of the girls brings in the cutest puppy who has a hurt leg. She and another girl take it to the vet and while they are gone I decide that I'm going to take it home when they bring it back. They don't bring her back. She had to be put down. So that sucks. I know I didn't need a dog, but she was a special one. Oh well.

Then a friend tells me their grandfather is hurt and in a coma and won't make it. So I'm feeling like crap for her and then of course I get to worrying about Grandfather who has surgery next week. Today is his and GM's 58th anniversary. So I get to thinking about THAT whole thing. Will I ever have that again? How do you go from being in a relationship your entire adult life to alone for two solid years? Is this what my life is to be? I mean maybe it is. I don't know. Maybe there isn't anyone out there for me. I'm usually okay with this stuff, but on the big days (usually my former big days) it hits and tomorrow is ex-husband's birthday so it's hitting a little bit again. Not that I want him, far from it. Just what I was misled to believe we had.

Anyway, blah blah blah. These are the circles that I find in the windmills of my twisted little mind.

But my house is lovely, I have my health, my friends, and my family so I am truly blessed as it is. Just have to keep reminding myself of that.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a Beautiful Day

I've mostly been puttering around the house. You know. Where should this go? Where should that go? Is this the best place for this, that, and the other thing? I haven't really been outside (except the porch), but with the 50 windows in this house (pretty sure that's not an exaggeration). Lots of cleaning up whilst enjoying my new MAC and the capability of finally getting to use "View Instantly" in Netflix.

I love that I feel guilty that I haven't been out to more of the establishments around here and that I haven't gone out walking around much. Then I remember I haven't even been here a week. Damn, this stupid pressure I put on myself. I need to knock that off. I'm going to be ALL about the stress-free. If it's overtly stressful, I'm having nothing to do with it.

I'm contemplating a gathering here, but then I'm a little bit stressing about it. I'll have to think on it and see when I'm ready for that. I'm definitely ready for small bits of company, but a big gathering stresses me --- right now anyway.

I'm so happy though. Super happy. I'm going to ensure that feeling continues...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lovely Day

Up at 6 thanks to Evil & Zoe (who were trying to get me up since 3a.m.). Get up and just take in the awesomeness of the day. Watch a movie or two. Clean up the filthy porch, learn the porch swing is whiter than I thought.

Had another acupuncture appt. and feel incredible. My next appt is the 13th. I just feel SO good with it. Hard to explain. The cupping, OMG the cupping. It's like I can still feel it on/in my back. I wish I could have that done every day.

Went to Fresh Plus again. They are creating an entire gluten-free area. The guy was telling me about it. Again I was asked by a couple people if there was anything they don't stock that I need. I think I'm going to ask if they'd stock the cats' preferred brand of food. I think I will. I really don't know if I have the audacity to or not.

I had a few other plans for the day, but was just SO mellow I didn't want to do anything.

Nice convo with GM and then Christopher who I freaked out because I texted him as he was going for the ph to call me. He said we have a strong connection. I thought at was awesome because I didn't know he was in tune to such things. That's a VERY Carla-statement. After an hr and something of talking he tells me that they may be coming to see me in June. I almost lost my mind. That would completely rock. I'll try not to get my hopes up though. With kids, plans always change.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Call Me Grace

Spilled an entire cup of coffee on BB (Beloved Blackberry's name). Also on every other thing on my desk, but who cares. Initially I thought all was well. Well I can't clitter anymore. ( I don't remember which comedian I stole that from. I think it was Robin Williams.) So I can scroll it, but when I press it it doesn't 'enter'. Soooooo, I learned I can used the arrow-y button because that is the "enter" key. So it's a wee bit annoying, but hell's bells I do not want to have to buy another BB right now. I love this one so much and I just moved. No more expenses please!!!

What else. Nice chit-chatty convo with my boss. In fact I stayed an hr late just talking to her. I feel that things are better there. I hope I'm right because then I can just focus on getting the biz going. To that point, I see there is bulletin board outside Fresh Plus & Cipollina's. I am going to post something about Quintessentially You there.

Tomorrow is the next acupuncture appt. and getting the punching bag.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun Evening

I was going to do Justin's Billy Ocean Pub Crawl, but I'm so tired from the move and just dying for the weekend to get here so I can rest that I figured I would just go home.

Then I saw that Cipollina was hosting Slow Food Austin's HH and thought I'd throw it out there to Jessie since I'm now on her way home from work.

Man, I can't believe I live this close to a great restaurant, and now I know where the mega-awesome smells I'm smelling every night are coming from.

GREAT thin crust pizza!!! I can't wait to try the veal and the rabbit sausage. Mmmmm, just a teeny tiny little walk away.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So Happy

I was happy all day today (and I was at work). I have a silly grin especially when someone asks me about the new place. I left the house at 7:30 was there RIGHT at 8. I would have been a bit early but there is all kinds of construction going on all of a sudden on West Lynn. I never know which direction to go when I leave the house. I left work today at 4:30 and pulled into the drive-way right at 5pm. Not too shabby.

I dropped the keys off at ACL Apts today. First I stopped by to check the place one last time (found a missed night light). So odd. Seeing the place empty like I was never there. As I backed out of the parking spot, I really don't remember what I said. I said something to the building. I think it was a "thanks for being the place I landed at when I got here" and a "SO glad i'm off to better things". I saw Martin one last time (he's the one who answered the ph when I was in FL so he was sort of my guy). He wished me well in life and that hand shake goodbye felt SO good. So SO SOOOOOO good. Makes me want to go back and shake the fuck out some other people's hands and tell them goodbye (possibly break some bones, I'm very strong!!). I love closure and I so rarely get it.

I put the magnets on the fridge today. That was fun. It's the little things. It already feels like home. I know Evil is a pig in poo here. He LOVES it. Zoe is getting there and definitely feeling her oats as she just stole an olive from me. The bitch. Wicked, ehhhhhhh I'm a little concerned about him. I'm trying to draw him out. I keep going to the back of the house (where he's tending to be) and carrying him up here with us. I think he'll be fine. I hope.

So much awesomeness. I'm a happy camper. A very happy camper.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I'm finally moved in and hooked up with ph/internet/cable. I'm so happy I'm scared. You know when you're so happy that it's scary because surely something will fall apart? Well that's where I'm at right now.

I went to Fresh Plus today.
Five stars!!

I have quite a few places I need to check out. I can't wait. It's quite the neighborhood.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day Three of Captivity

Alright I exaggerate -- slightly. It's pure torture for me when I have to do things and it's scheduled around other people. No one is on my schedule and it makes me INSANE. I may or may not have had a breakdown today (i did). I just was so frustrated.

Grandmother is with me now and doing something. I don't even know. I know that we have the game of Twenty Questions While I'm Carrying Something Maniacally Heavy down. All in all I'm having a lot of fun with her though. We lost GF around 10 this morning so I guess he's at the hotel. I don't think I'll see him until he comes to get GM after the Kitty Transport Fiasco that will be this evening. Christ Almighty, am I dreading that.

GM LOVES my new place and that means so much. I really didn't think she would because it's an old house. She hates anything old. It's so funny to me.

I anticipate another carload of stuff to new place and then coming back here for the cats.

Tomorrow will be the actual movers so by noon or so tomorrow I should officially be IN my new house. TW won't be out until Tues 8-12 so I doubt I'll be able to write tomorrow.

How sad.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Clarksville: Day Two

The weather was far more cooperative today. (thank you, Nature)

I headed on over to the house with the carload of stuff I packed up in the flood last night. I wanted to get that unloaded and head back to the appt to meet the Grandparents. As I was at the new place they called and said they were going to meet me there instead. That rocked I didn't know they knew how to get there. I guess a man who grew up in Montana and can find his way in the woods can manage Austin.

I hurriedly got the drapes up in the new bedroom that is painted the wrong color incidentally. I asked for a sage, you know a lightish green. I have a lightish blue (Valley Mist, I saw on the paint sample). Oh well.

I was so concerned they were not going to like the new place. I worried for nothing. They like it, and really like it. I know when they are just being nice. I can tell they are happy about the change for me. Grandfather (who is 6 &1/2 ft tall) said, "You could put a hoop up there and and hoop there and have a basket ball game". This was in reference to the largeness of the living room/dining room/sitting area. It is big.

So they unloaded my new computer and the other things they brought for me and we headed back to the apt. and loaded up both our vehicles. I was shocked how helpful they were. I thought I was going to have to work around them because obviously two people who will be 80 & 78 this yr cannot/should not lift much. They were SUPER helpful. Particularly with all those little things one has that doesn't really fit in a box, but how to you even label it when you do the inventory for the movers. Stuff like that. Plus I still have the handtruck Tony gave me so GF was able to take 3 bins at a time. VERY HELPFUL.

We/(me) unloaded everything at the new place. This really did me in. I keep packing the bins too heavy. Anyway, unloaded all of that and then collapsed on my new futon (first time to sit on it). Me likey!! That's one comfy futon.

So I look at GF and he at me and he said "I can do one more round of this". I asked if he was sure and he seems hesitant. I said, "Let's call it a day." I will go back home and reload all the bins that were just emptied and we can start again in the a.m. I can tell that was much appreciated. GM would have LOVED to come back with me and get all my stuff sorted, but I was not up for that.

So back home, loaded up the bins. Took the muscle relaxant she gave me for my back and it was Good Night, Nurse. I was out a couple hours.

I rallied. Loaded up the car again and was going to head back myself, but I can tell I am in a shitty, shitty, shitty mood so I was worried about driving. I know myself. Sometimes when I get that almost rage going it's not wise to drive. (it's just the relaxant mixed with my incredible need to be done already).

So I put the car back in the garage and here I sit. Ready for them to come in the a.m. and load up their car and do it all over again.

Tomorrow night is moving the cats. That's what I am truly stressed about. Fortunately, I was able to borrow 3 carriers for them. That will help a lot.

If anyone read this, my hat's of to you. This is interesting to no one other than me I'm sure.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day One in Clarksville...

Ends with me back at the apt probably on the verge of another round of illness ask I got absolutely soaked to the bone. The parking lot here is flooded and my sneakers are thoroughly soaked.

but let's recap the day.

Office Life continues to bemuse me. My boss asked me to promise to stay another 60 days. She thinks that it can become a place I love going to. Hell, if that's where her mindset is, I'm willing to try it. I just have zero room in my life for anything that causes me grief. If I can leave the love of my life, I can and most definitely will leave anything I don't find acceptable. I don't think I out and out said "I'll stay" I was thrown by her plea. I have too much on my plate right now to even properly digest that. Having said this, I have an interview on Tues afternoon. (Thank god, Mon/Tues are off)

Now to the house. I get there and they are STILL moving things out. I was a little stressed as I had a whole carload to unload and the futon coming in less than an hour.

It worked out fine. There were a few disappointments (aren't there always?) The extra room (3rd bdrm) that I was initially not going to get, then I was, well now I'm not. She needed that one for storage too. Oh well. 2nd disappointment. There is NOTHING for storage in the kitchen now. I thought that stuff was staying. There are the regular cabinets, but Christ, I have a lot of kitchen things. Also no pantry. BALLS!!!!!! Third, Club Shed is not going to happen. It's a tiny shed. Okay that's the boo stuff. But, on the upside. I have a dining room table that I can easily get 8 around 10 if people want to get very close. So that's an expense saved. I get the storage thingy in the bathroom, and there is more shelving in different places than I remember. All in all it is going to be fine. I'm just dreading my Grandparents seeing the place. I'm certain there numerous things they will not find as charming/acceptable as I do. Whatever, it's MY place. Why do I care so much? (But I do, I wouldn't even let them come over tonight, well it's pouring anyway).

So I unload all 6 bins and put everything were it will be for now. My futon arrived and for $60 I couldn't be happier. It will do nicely, and it's red so you know. I'm happy.

I almost get into 7 accidents on the way back to the appt. I was waiting for the rain to let up so I could bring in the empty bins (i have no more so I needed them) and then reload the car. I finally saw it wasn't going to let up so I went out. Man, i was DRENCHED. I couldn't even see, I had so much rain in my eyes.

Then for the pièce de résistance --- putting the car back in the garage after all that, I scraped the right side of the car and did a fair bit of damage to the garage. Do you know how often I've pulled into that garage after a few too many? Well I'm not telling you, but how typical. I'm out the door practically and I damage the vehicle/garage DEAD freaking sober. )$(%*)$(%*)#$)(%*$)(%*@#)$(%*

Day One of Clarksville -- Fin

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's Finally Here

I get the keys tomorrow afternoon. I have the car all packed up (6 bins, the director's chair, the globe, and the bird cages). So I'll go to work tomorrow, why I do not know. I'll get nothing accomplished. Then I have to run to the apt and feed the cats. Run to the ATM to get cash for the futon, punching bag, and tips for the movers. Then get to the house to get the keys and get the futon delivered. Unload every thing from my car. Hopefully unload all the bins so I can have empty bins to go back with. Race back to the apt to meet the GP's. Load up my car and their car and head to the new place with them.

Yeahhhhhh, that should be a fun evening.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


2010 is going to be the year of Taking Exquisite Care of Myself. I'm doing this in many ways.

On Friday, I'm moving to a quiet, peaceful home in a great neighborhood that puts me more central to my friends and favorite activities.

Once I'm settled, I'll concentrate on a new job.

I'm getting regular facials, massages, and as of today acupuncture(my acupuncturist is the one who suggested I write about my transformation).

I'm revamping my diet to trim 50 pounds throughout this year. I'm almost at January's goal. Also revamping so that I eat predominately local foods.

I'm going to do numerous activities to up my activity level. Fencing, pilates, yoga, bought a punching bag, will buy other pieces of gym equipment as I find them.

I'm going to create an altar in my home. A place that I can meditate.

I'm going to set aside writing time. I have a story I want to write. Well a few actually. One in particular.

I plan to have regular get togethers in my home to bring my Austin Family together.

Ohhh, 2010. You will be MY year!!! ; )