Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a Beautiful Day

I've mostly been puttering around the house. You know. Where should this go? Where should that go? Is this the best place for this, that, and the other thing? I haven't really been outside (except the porch), but with the 50 windows in this house (pretty sure that's not an exaggeration). Lots of cleaning up whilst enjoying my new MAC and the capability of finally getting to use "View Instantly" in Netflix.

I love that I feel guilty that I haven't been out to more of the establishments around here and that I haven't gone out walking around much. Then I remember I haven't even been here a week. Damn, this stupid pressure I put on myself. I need to knock that off. I'm going to be ALL about the stress-free. If it's overtly stressful, I'm having nothing to do with it.

I'm contemplating a gathering here, but then I'm a little bit stressing about it. I'll have to think on it and see when I'm ready for that. I'm definitely ready for small bits of company, but a big gathering stresses me --- right now anyway.

I'm so happy though. Super happy. I'm going to ensure that feeling continues...

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