Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lovely Day

Up at 6 thanks to Evil & Zoe (who were trying to get me up since 3a.m.). Get up and just take in the awesomeness of the day. Watch a movie or two. Clean up the filthy porch, learn the porch swing is whiter than I thought.

Had another acupuncture appt. and feel incredible. My next appt is the 13th. I just feel SO good with it. Hard to explain. The cupping, OMG the cupping. It's like I can still feel it on/in my back. I wish I could have that done every day.

Went to Fresh Plus again. They are creating an entire gluten-free area. The guy was telling me about it. Again I was asked by a couple people if there was anything they don't stock that I need. I think I'm going to ask if they'd stock the cats' preferred brand of food. I think I will. I really don't know if I have the audacity to or not.

I had a few other plans for the day, but was just SO mellow I didn't want to do anything.

Nice convo with GM and then Christopher who I freaked out because I texted him as he was going for the ph to call me. He said we have a strong connection. I thought at was awesome because I didn't know he was in tune to such things. That's a VERY Carla-statement. After an hr and something of talking he tells me that they may be coming to see me in June. I almost lost my mind. That would completely rock. I'll try not to get my hopes up though. With kids, plans always change.

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