Wednesday, January 13, 2010


2010 is going to be the year of Taking Exquisite Care of Myself. I'm doing this in many ways.

On Friday, I'm moving to a quiet, peaceful home in a great neighborhood that puts me more central to my friends and favorite activities.

Once I'm settled, I'll concentrate on a new job.

I'm getting regular facials, massages, and as of today acupuncture(my acupuncturist is the one who suggested I write about my transformation).

I'm revamping my diet to trim 50 pounds throughout this year. I'm almost at January's goal. Also revamping so that I eat predominately local foods.

I'm going to do numerous activities to up my activity level. Fencing, pilates, yoga, bought a punching bag, will buy other pieces of gym equipment as I find them.

I'm going to create an altar in my home. A place that I can meditate.

I'm going to set aside writing time. I have a story I want to write. Well a few actually. One in particular.

I plan to have regular get togethers in my home to bring my Austin Family together.

Ohhh, 2010. You will be MY year!!! ; )