Thursday, January 28, 2010

Working for the Weekend...

This week has been odd. My mind isn't on work, but things are good there so I'm trying to keep my mind on it. I think I'm just excited about all the goings on that will be going on.

My two year anniversary in Austin is this weekend. That's kinda cool. Two years is normally my statute of limitations for interest in things, places, people, etc. Anyone or thing that holds my interest beyond two years is doing VERY well. So, Congratulations, Austin. You're still alright by me.

Tomorrow night I'm going to a game night. I love games and I'm going to be taking mental notes because I too wish to have game nights here, but I have never done one and I'm reticent. Then Saturday I finally have another facial and then dinner at Fino's. Wooo Hooo.

So yeah, I think I had so much exciting at the end of the week that I'm just biding my time to get to it.

Oh well. It is almost here. ; )

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