Friday, January 15, 2010

Day One in Clarksville...

Ends with me back at the apt probably on the verge of another round of illness ask I got absolutely soaked to the bone. The parking lot here is flooded and my sneakers are thoroughly soaked.

but let's recap the day.

Office Life continues to bemuse me. My boss asked me to promise to stay another 60 days. She thinks that it can become a place I love going to. Hell, if that's where her mindset is, I'm willing to try it. I just have zero room in my life for anything that causes me grief. If I can leave the love of my life, I can and most definitely will leave anything I don't find acceptable. I don't think I out and out said "I'll stay" I was thrown by her plea. I have too much on my plate right now to even properly digest that. Having said this, I have an interview on Tues afternoon. (Thank god, Mon/Tues are off)

Now to the house. I get there and they are STILL moving things out. I was a little stressed as I had a whole carload to unload and the futon coming in less than an hour.

It worked out fine. There were a few disappointments (aren't there always?) The extra room (3rd bdrm) that I was initially not going to get, then I was, well now I'm not. She needed that one for storage too. Oh well. 2nd disappointment. There is NOTHING for storage in the kitchen now. I thought that stuff was staying. There are the regular cabinets, but Christ, I have a lot of kitchen things. Also no pantry. BALLS!!!!!! Third, Club Shed is not going to happen. It's a tiny shed. Okay that's the boo stuff. But, on the upside. I have a dining room table that I can easily get 8 around 10 if people want to get very close. So that's an expense saved. I get the storage thingy in the bathroom, and there is more shelving in different places than I remember. All in all it is going to be fine. I'm just dreading my Grandparents seeing the place. I'm certain there numerous things they will not find as charming/acceptable as I do. Whatever, it's MY place. Why do I care so much? (But I do, I wouldn't even let them come over tonight, well it's pouring anyway).

So I unload all 6 bins and put everything were it will be for now. My futon arrived and for $60 I couldn't be happier. It will do nicely, and it's red so you know. I'm happy.

I almost get into 7 accidents on the way back to the appt. I was waiting for the rain to let up so I could bring in the empty bins (i have no more so I needed them) and then reload the car. I finally saw it wasn't going to let up so I went out. Man, i was DRENCHED. I couldn't even see, I had so much rain in my eyes.

Then for the pièce de résistance --- putting the car back in the garage after all that, I scraped the right side of the car and did a fair bit of damage to the garage. Do you know how often I've pulled into that garage after a few too many? Well I'm not telling you, but how typical. I'm out the door practically and I damage the vehicle/garage DEAD freaking sober. )$(%*)$(%*)#$)(%*$)(%*@#)$(%*

Day One of Clarksville -- Fin

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