Friday, January 29, 2010

Great Day ; )

Wow, everything is really turning around. I'm feeling very optimistic about it all. My boss and I are getting on so well now. My review was today and I'm sitting here all smiles. All I did was drop the wall I had up and every thing is golden. I think ever since I got certified to life coach I've had an F this attitude about any thing in the "Corporate America" sector and that's not cool on my part. I still have a lot to learn about not burning bridges and having a chip on my shoulder, but I am learning. It's funny. She said that today. She was saying that I am very open to learning new things. Something to that effect and I almost laughed because it's something I'm seeing in myself. I'm a lot less know-it-all lately. I guess because life and the last few years have taught me that and so I'm far more malleable than I used to be. Well good for me. ; )

Tomorrow is going to be chockfull of awesome. Great way to spend my Austin Anniversary.

I was going to game night, but I've had a bad pain in my back so I'm going to take it easy tonight and watch a couple films and hang with the babies. Zoe is in heat again. Pray for us.

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