Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So Happy

I was happy all day today (and I was at work). I have a silly grin especially when someone asks me about the new place. I left the house at 7:30 was there RIGHT at 8. I would have been a bit early but there is all kinds of construction going on all of a sudden on West Lynn. I never know which direction to go when I leave the house. I left work today at 4:30 and pulled into the drive-way right at 5pm. Not too shabby.

I dropped the keys off at ACL Apts today. First I stopped by to check the place one last time (found a missed night light). So odd. Seeing the place empty like I was never there. As I backed out of the parking spot, I really don't remember what I said. I said something to the building. I think it was a "thanks for being the place I landed at when I got here" and a "SO glad i'm off to better things". I saw Martin one last time (he's the one who answered the ph when I was in FL so he was sort of my guy). He wished me well in life and that hand shake goodbye felt SO good. So SO SOOOOOO good. Makes me want to go back and shake the fuck out some other people's hands and tell them goodbye (possibly break some bones, I'm very strong!!). I love closure and I so rarely get it.

I put the magnets on the fridge today. That was fun. It's the little things. It already feels like home. I know Evil is a pig in poo here. He LOVES it. Zoe is getting there and definitely feeling her oats as she just stole an olive from me. The bitch. Wicked, ehhhhhhh I'm a little concerned about him. I'm trying to draw him out. I keep going to the back of the house (where he's tending to be) and carrying him up here with us. I think he'll be fine. I hope.

So much awesomeness. I'm a happy camper. A very happy camper.

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