Friday, April 30, 2010

These Go To 11

Well my beloved month is drawing to a close. I do now claim the full month for myself with an extra claim of ownership on the 18th. Well my little boys Wicked and Evil are also April babies and they have made it 11 years (suck it, vet, who said they'd be lucky to make it to 3-5 yrs). So kudos to them and me as you can tell they are more than a handful. More like 2 arms-full. They make me pick them up too. Well mostly Wicked, the heavier one. He makes me pick him up to put him on the bed. That was difficult when I hurt my back 2 wks ago.

On to May. I'm ready for you, May. I'm expecting some big, awesome things from you and from me. Let's make it a great month!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who Loves Ya, Baby?

Finished the 5th Bond film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". I think I got the title right. I don't care. I didn't like it. Shocker. The two good things was seeing Telly Savalas reminded me to queue "Kojac" all 5 seasons are on view instantly so ROCK. Also the song "All the Time in the World" was played in the movie. I don't like Armstrong's version, but Iggy Pop does a beautiful version of it and I forgot that I need to find that. So thanks, Bond, for the memory jog, and F you for the waste of my time.

I think I have settled on "Take Off Your Clothes" by Peter Sarstedt as my favorite song and "Eyes Wide Shut" as favorite film. I'm wavering on the movie. Sometimes I say "Rosemary's Baby". I mean the notion of anyone having a FAVORITE song/movie is incomprehensible to me, but I have decided to pick one so I can throw it out there when needed. Here's Sarstedt's song, and no, it's not really my favorite but it is funny.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Next Thing Has Been Found

So the next thing is Landmark Forum. I was first told about it by a couple of life coaches who were in my certification class with me. I since have met a few others who raved about it and finally after talking to someone else about it on Monday, I'm taking the plunge (provided I can get the time off from work). I'm signed up for May 21st. I read the syllabus and I'm very excited. I even read it to Grandmother and she is so excited about it. I think I'm in the perfect place for this now. I just said last weekend "I need something new" and I think this will really help my in many ways.

I'll leave it at that for tonight. I'm quite tired.

Good Night.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Queen of Pain

Oh my am I tired of hurting. Dr. Miracle Worker really popped something back into place this evening and I feel better right now. I hope to be able to row tomorrow. Especially since there are only a couple classes left.

Speaking of pain, I got married on this day. TRUST ME, I think that has a lot to do with things. I think I'm tense, which pisses me off because I feel I'm so beyond all of that. One good thing, I haven't cried today --- yet.

Anyway, enough of the negative. I had a cool thing happen. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when I think about something and then someone says something that resonates with that thought in some way. That happened to me this evening. Also, I clearly need to learn more about Landmark Forum. I've now had 6 people tell me about it and every single one of them is so enthusiastic about it. I guess the Universe is trying to tell me something.

On an unrelated note, Pam Anderson looks HOT as a brunette. Yes, I'm watching DWTS.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Steve Martin

was delightful tonight. Triple Encore!! Guess what one of the songs was -- KING TUT!!!!! I freaked out. I really didn't expect that. It was wonderful. He's a very talented man. It sucks because I could have met him, but my stupid hip/back were hurting too bad from those shitty Long Center seats. Definitely a night to remember though.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Love, Actually Not

Between turning 35 on Sunday and this coming Monday being my former wedding anniversary, I'm doing a ton of thinking about it all. The main "it" being love or rather, what I thought was love. I see now that what I had was little more than a pretty illusion. That's liberating, in a way, but also scary because I don't want to fall into that ever again. So I put massive walls up that few could penetrate. Then I read this and it really resonated and makes me far less afraid of making another mistake. Not that I won't make a mistake again, but I think I'll recognize it far sooner and maybe avoid it altogether if I'm lucky. This is from "Daily OM" and the photo is by a Jenny Teraski on flickr.

"Love should feel good.

Relationships that leave you feeling depleted, sad and making excuses are not based in love.

Often in our lives, we fall prey to the idea of a thing rather than actually experiencing the thing itself. We see this at play in our love lives and in the love lives of our friends, our family, and even fictional characters. The conceptualizing, depiction, and pursuit of true love are multimillion-dollar industries in the modern world. However, very little of what is offered actually leads us to an authentic experience of love. Moreover, as we grasp for what we think we want and fail to find it, we may suffer and bring suffering to others. When this is the case, when we suffer more than we feel healed, we can be fairly certain that what we have found is not love but something else.

When we feel anxious, excited, nervous, and thrilled, we are probably experiencing romance, not love. Romance can be a lot of fun as long as we do not try to make too much of it. If we try to make more of it than it is, the romance then becomes painful. Romance may lead to love, but it may also fade without blossoming into anything more than a flirtation. If we cling to it and try to make it more, we might find ourselves pining for a fantasy, or worse, stuck in a relationship that was never meant to last.

Real love is identifiable by the way it makes us feel. Love should feel good. There is a peaceful quality to an authentic experience of love that penetrates to our core, touching a part of ourselves that has always been there. True love activates this inner being, filling us with warmth and light. An authentic experience of love does not ask us to look a certain way, drive a certain car, or have a certain job. It takes us as we are, no changes required. When people truly love us, their love for us awakens our love for ourselves. They remind us that what we seek outside of ourselves is a mirror image of the lover within. In this way, true love never makes us feel needy or lacking or anxious. Instead, true love empowers us with its implicit message that we are, always have been, and always will be, made of love."

Friday, April 23, 2010

Things Are Looking Up...

(there will be that theme running through this posting).

First, "You Only Live Twice"...better!! Why? Perhaps, my trusty Wikipedia can illuminate us: "The film's screenplay was written by Roald Dahl, and based on Ian Fleming's 1964 novel of the same name. It is the first James Bond film to discard most of Fleming's plot, using only a few characters and locations from the book as the background for an entirely new story..." It's less annoying to me, even in the usual annoying spots. - In other words women acting like his cock has the antidote. - So I'm less bothered about seeing this mission through to the end.

Second, I have the exterminator coming tomorrow. THANK GOD. I have only seen three bugs in the three months I've been here and that is three too many. Enough. Aztec to the rescue. I have to say I love that whomever is corresponding with me via email from their company is awesome for acting like their name is Aztec. I dig that. I want to sign things "Quintessential". : P

Third, THE MAIDS ARE COMING. This has been an issue with me for years. I've always wanted one, but I'm SO private and don't like strangers in my home. Oh well. My back hurts too bad to clean so this is a perfect excuse to try it out. I was on CL, since no one seems to have anyone they'd recommend. I found TexMaids. We shall see. Two maids will be here between 12-1. (bug dude is here between 11-1, so the odds of overlap are high).

Fourth, I see Steve Martin Sunday. That's exciting.

Fifth, and most importantly, GM is fine. I asked her WHAT was on the EKG that made Dr #1 say "You've had a heart attack". I mean Jesus Christ. That seriously shook her, GF, and me up and no doubt anyone else who knew. (no real answer to that question) Well Dr #2 (cardiologist) had her do this state of the art test and confidently told her that she has another 25-30 years with her heart. So good. I hope he's right because that would ROCK. : - )

- Quintessential Yours,
Carla ; )

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

There's Allegedly Beauty in the Breakdown...

Good. Because I think I'm having one. Between being in a pain and few things that I can't talk about as yet, but that affect people who are the closest to me, I'm ready to snap. Ohhh, and I have Krakatoa on my face, right by my left dimple. For all my supposed relaxation of the four day weekend, I'm the opposite of relaxed.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cucumber Water...

My favorite thing from the spa experience was the cucumber water they served me all day and the peppermint towel they gave me when I was in the sauna. I plan to make all my water at home cucumber water now. I popped in to the Fresh Plus only needing cucumber. Then I thought "don't just buy a cucumber". So I bought a bunch of decoy items too. $23 dollars worth of stuff just to get a cucumber to make my cucumber water.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Blah. James Blah.

Movie #4 "Thunderball". Feh. On to number five. Why am I doing this to myself? Next topic...

The photo is a MASSIVE poster that's immediately to your right when you walk in Cipollina. I really like it and want it because in my mind it looks like me. I'm sure I flatter myself, but I do love to do that.

Well the four day weekend is ending and that's fine. I'm getting restless as I tend to do. I could NEVER 'retire'. I'd have to find something to do. I don't care if I'm 90. Well maybe when I'm 90 I'll be less restless.

My horrific back injury of Saturday is far better tonight thanks to Dr. Ron. He's a miracle worker. I'm just sore now. I guess the muscles and all or something. I don't know, but I was able to get down on the ground and mess around with Evil which I could NOT do earlier today. I couldn't even put the cats' food on the floor. I literally was dropping it from about 6 inches off the ground. I finally could clean their litter this evening. Poor babies (poor Mama too). This will be nice when a certain someone(s) are around to help me. Sometimes I need help. I don't like to admit it, but I do.

Today was GF's bday. 80!!! That's exciting. Concerned about GM though. I'll know more tomorrow how concerned I need to be.

If I'm better tomorrow I'll row, right now I don't know how I'd get myself in and out of the boat. Would they care if I just rolled on out? Oh My God, I just cracked myself up.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

When I Was Thirty-Five, It Was a Very Good Year...

as we quickly approach 9:01 pm EST, I'm almost officially 35. Man oh man. I really and truly never thought I'd get here. I was totally convinced I'd be dead by 28. TOTALLY CONVINCED. It's so surreal and awesome that I'm here and living a life that I enjoy. I was a little overwhelmed a couple times today as I sat at the spa and thought about it all.

Two years ago I did an all day spa package at Ann Kelso because I knew no one in town and had no one to celebrate my birthday with. Now, I did an all day spa package after spending a lovely brunch with 11 friends 'old' and new. It made me feel so blessed. Well because I am. I am very blessed. When you step out and make the decision to part ways will everything you know and care about and hold dear, it's truly a leap of faith. Well this was a leap well worth taking. Annnnnd, I'm balling now so I'm going to change the topic.

How about that Viva Day Spa? Wow, I'm SOOOOO soft!!! Unfortunately, my back is absolutely killing me so if they can work me in tomorrow I'll be at the chiropractor. Other than my back/hip, this was a truly wonderful day. No my life is not at all where I thought it would be right now, and that's just fine by me.

Where will I be next year? I don't know. I'm not planning it out anymore like I used to. I think THAT is what I have learned a full 34 years into the game. It is NOT going to go according to my plan ----- at all.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

You Can Turn Off the Charm, I'm Immune

That quote sums up my feelings about Bond at this point. I'm now three movies in. Just finished "Goldfinger". It contains a lot of lines and scenes that are familiar even if you haven't seen Bond films. I think I'll stick it out, but I'm not loving it. His smug attitude is annoying. The caked on make-up on him and his stupidly named tramps du jour is so off-putting. It's like their make-up was applied by a trowel. Next is "Thunderball" I believe. My eyes are already rolling.

And now rowing. I threw my back out as we put the boat in the water. I knew immediately it was going to be bad. I almost decided to not even get in the boat, but the sky was bleak and I felt certain we wouldn't be out on the water any too long. We barely got under Congress Bridge (think that was the one) when it really started to come down. OMG, my eyes. MY EYES!!!!!! They were burning soooo bad. I had so much water in them at one point I thought I was going to lose at least one contact lens. This time I felt far less afraid owing to Robin and her awesome support and also one of the guys who was our lead rower was SUPER helpful and gave so many good pointers that I really needed. He should teach the class. He really inspired confidence, and gave reassurance that we'll be better in time. I really needed to hear that from someone who is good at it. He was cute too with great taste in watches, but I digress.

So we head back in after probably only 1/2 hr at most on the water and OMG does the sky really open up. Again, I am convinced the contacts are going to come out. We get the boat put back (ouch, my back!!!) and that was that. I need to have a towel in the car for next time. I'm sure my car seat is still wet.

I went to Fresh Plus dripping wet because The Children needed food and I knew I was not going back out later with my back being out and all.

My Iron Gym arrived today and needless to say it is not assembled and probably won't be for a few days. Part of my spa treatment tomorrow is a Swedish massage. Hopefully that will put me right. If not, I'll try to get worked in at the chiropractor on Monday (who incidentally is the one who got me interested in rowing).

So tomorrow is The Day!! My hair is hereby allowed to start greying if it so chooses. What if I wake up all grey tomorrow? That'll have them talking at the brunch!! ; P

Happy 100th post to me too.

Friday, April 16, 2010

50 Shades of PSYCHED!!!!

I did it!!! No not that it. The other it. No, not that one either. God, you'd think the fencing pic would be a BIG clue. I finally emailed Austin Fencing Club. I am taking a MASSIVE lesson from rowing and springing for private lessons. I took a class in college and really did well at it, but that was what, almost 15 yrs ago? So I really think given my advancing years that I need private lessons to get my technique down. Technique!!! That's what I need to perfect all the way around. I'm soooo excited. The main fencing instructor is from Paris and the only French master in Texas. I'll so pay extra to be with him if he's available. If not there are two other instructors who seem pretty cool and their lessons are less expensive so that wouldn't be too shabby either.

So looks like Jan = Acupuncture, Feb = Chiropractic, Mar = Hypnosis Certification, Apr = Rowing, and May = Fencing. Well, if they have space for me.

My next post is my 100th. Would be kind of cool if that fell on the bday, but who knows. I have such a jam-packed day on Sunday I might not even get to post. We shall see.

So far, Day 1 of the bday extravaganza was wonderful. Relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, relaxing. Can't ask for more than that.

Ohhh, and thanks to Peggy I now SUPERDUPER want a classic car. Hers is sexy!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Men of Letters...

I'm suppose to be putting my intentions out there -- you know, to THE UNIVERSE, People!!

I was thinking lately that I wish someone would write me a love letter. The problem is every man of the past who would be the logical choice to do such things (all 1 of them) would always have me do all their (his) writing for them (him). Sooooo, I guess I'd have to sit right right down and write myself a letter and pretend that it came from him. Now, as a person experienced at making people cry with writing and also getting my way I know how easy it is to say anything and make it seem meaningful. So it's not like I put a high premium on a love letter. It would just be nice. That's all.

By the by. I used to live in the same neighborhood Kerouac (how fine was he?) did in FL. I don't mean to name drop. ; P

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Just Working for the (4 Day) Weekend

Christ, I need 4 days away from every thing. I'm really at my limit. I almost don't even care what I get up to the next several days just as long as I can relax -- truly relax.

I'm sure my mood will be 10 times better this time tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm Jealous of the Woman in This Fake Picture

My day almost makes me want to go on meds. I was so not suited for public consumption today.

I finally completed my taxes just now. The first time in my life I didn't complete them in February. Suffice it to say I owe this year.

I should have gone rowing today but didn't. I'm waiting to hear back on private lessons. That's the only way I'm going to get the technique down, then maybe I can join the group again on Saturday. We shall see.

I've had an awesome stomach ache since about 2pm that's not going away. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to super-low carb it and pretty much not drink anymore to feel good. That just makes me want to punch the world in the throat.

On number two in the Bond series as I type this "From Russia w Love". Feh. Not liking it much. I don't hate it, but it's just not sparkling with me. The acting is abysmal. I don't buy the chemistry with the Bond girl. Blahblahblah. Ohhhh, he just hit her!!! Good.

Okay. Let me turn this train wreck of a post around.

Positive things...

2 days to the four day birthday extravaganza
5 days before my hair has permission to start graying
5 days to awesome brunch with friends then 7 hours at Viva Day Spa
My Iron Gym Pull Up Bar should be here in the next day or two so that could be good or bad depending if I fall while doing it

There, that's a bit better. I'll try to be happier tomorrow.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Blue on Blue...

My spirits are flagging a bit as of late. Some thing is not going quite as I had hoped. I mean where there is life there is hope, but right now hope is not super strong. I know I'll get through this, and "this" is soooo not a big thing. Just really hoped a certain department of my life was finally taking a turn in a positive direction. Maybe it still will. We shall see...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Who--Does Number Two --- Work----Foooor?

I love to set goals, some big and important, others small and trivial -- but fun. "Watch All James Bond Films" is a new one. I'm one film down and am loving it because I am really more a big Austin Powers fan and to see all that he mocked in "Dr. No" (the first Bond movie) was so much fun. I kept giggling every time Connery asked who someone worked for, although I see that "Number 2" is based on someone in "Thunderball" (fourth film) and I'm not there yet. Next is "From Russia with Love". I have seen several of the newer ones in their entirety, but the old ones I've only seen bits and pieces of if they've been on some marathon on TNT or something like that.

I see that there is a possible "Austin Powers IV". That would make me so happy. I know II & III did not do what I did, but I still liked all of them. I remember seeing the first one. We were driving back from Vegas to CA and there was a lot of traffic so we decided to stop off at some theatre and see this new film (i think it was the first weekend). I remember annoying all our friends with going on and on and on about it, and then of course it took off. Wow, that was a looooong time ago.

"They're always after me lucky charms. --- They are!!! Why does everyone laugh when I say that???" Still kills me to this day.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Row, Row, R-ohhhh My God, This Is Scary!!!

So today. Lesson II. We actually get out in the boats. Fun huh? NO!! I was sure we were going to capsize the entire time we were out and for about 91% of the that time, I was certain I'd be the guilty party.

We were split up according to height. I was in the tall boat position #3 (starboard). There are 8 of us plus the cox, who by the end of it I wanted to call a dick. Not his fault I was just SUPER frustrated. I really should have gone for private lessons. There is a person who I'll call "Forever In Blue Jeans" because twice she has come encased in denim when we were specifically instructed as to what to wear. I even heard one of the instructors tell her some thing like "I'd never consider rowing in that" on Tuesday night. So she got her own private boat and had an older gentleman follow her around and instruct her. Slick move.

So like I said. Certain we were going to capsize and I think it's almost paralyzing me and I can't get the rhythm down for staying in sink with whomever I was to have been watching in front of me. Even if we were in a 4 it would be better then I could be told specifically what I'm doing wrong. I got better direction from Robin the woman behind me than I did from the cox's constant "THREEEEEEEEEEE, You're doing it wrong" (okay, he probably didn't out and out say that, but that's what I heard).

There was a moment. JUST A MOMENT when I said in my head "Oh my god, we are rowing!!!" It felt like everything was so smooth for that second. It didn't last.

Ohhh, then there was the Robinson Carusoe dude on the water. He was in a row boat, standing, shirtless, and paddling like he fell out of a book. That was interesting. He might have been fine, but I was in a state of panic so I can't be sure.

So I keep saying that I thought we are going to capsize, but that is a foolish concern because it's almost impossible to tip an 8 everyone keeps saying. Then they follow that up with -- "I have heard of it happening". Well that's my photo for the day. For whatever reason - possibly to keep the myth alive - I can't post the full photo so you can truly see it.

It's an 8---capsized---and I think it's a professional crew. So never say never, COX. Not as long as I'm around.................

Friday, April 9, 2010

Well That's a Load Lifted...

FINALLY finished the final for hypnosis. Got an A, yay!!! I'm exhausted. So glad to have it out of the way. We'll see where that takes me.

ROTD for Fino today. That was cool. I think Fino should comp me for the rum pairing dinner on the 14th because I told about a dozen people about it today.

One week away from my four day bday extravaganza!! Sooo excited!!!

Excited about a few other things too. Visitors who will be here in the next month or so.

Photo taken from meow_meow's flickr "West Coast Sunset" --- Missing the West Coast, no wait, missing both coasts

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have zero, I mean zeeeeeeeeeero interest in any of the "CSI" shows. ZERO!!! However, I have caught on that people love to mock "CSI: Miami" namely David Caruso and his taking off his sunglasses. Well today, I learned that there is a thing called "Learn From My Fail" (LFMF). So this was one of them: "When you set your ringtone to the part of the CSI: Miami theme song where it screams "YEEEEAAAAH!", make sure you have it turned off at funerals. #LFMF" So I had to find out what the theme song is. Well most of you probably know, but if you don't it's The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again"!!! OMG, can you imagine that ringtone going off at a funeral??? EPIC!!!!

It almost makes me want to watch the show. You know. For the mockablity of it all. : )

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So You Are on Your Yoga Mat...

trying to exercise. You bring your legs down to find THIS is on your mat with you. Evil was already acting as my pillow. I'm telling you exercising around these cats is an exercise in futility. Wow, my legs are WHITE!!!


I have a bad joke for you:

Person 1 "What's the most common French expression?"

Person 2 "I give up."

Sorry, I love the French, but that's funny.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So How Do I Celebrate...

The week after my birthday? Why with Mr. Martin of course. Third row. Not too shabby.

Nothing at all to report on rowing. Didn't get close to the water. Saturday we should though. I'm ambivalent about the whole thing right now. Most of the people there (in my group) seemed like they didn't want to be there. Like it was community service or something. It was odd. There are a few I that seem cool though. OMG, I would love to get a copy of the safety video we had to watch. SO much falling down and overboard. I had to cover my mouth I was trying so hard not to laugh. You know how that goes with me.

Ten more days to Three Five/also ten more days before my hair has my permission to grey. Wouldn't it be funny it it just went totally grey this year? I'd SO rock that look.

Monday, April 5, 2010

April: A Love Story

Something interesting that I'm noticing. I know a few April females around my age or older and all of us are PSYCHED about our birthdays, we make DAMN sure everyone knows it's our birthday, and none of us seem remotely phased that we are aging. I never really noticed that until this year. Fuck we ROCK!!! ; P (The only decent April pic I could find is this old Cosmo cover, there are A LOT of sluts named April let me tell you.)

Okay what else. Ahhh, tomorrow the rowing begins so you know I'll have much to say about that (especially if I fall in). I'm already thinking of what's next. Fencing/Boxing or BOXING-FENCING is probably on the horizon.

Things I have still to do that must be done in April ...

The last two hypnosis lessons (have to be done ASAP!!!)

Get My Eyes Done (aka, I've been wearing my last pair of contacts since before the move)

Find a dentist who doesn't trip me out (my V GM died in the dentist chair)


The Census Form, but I suppose that is too late

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm Having Epiphanies All Over This Mother...

This weekend has been quite productive on the personal growth front. It started yesterday on the acupuncture table. I had a massive breakthrough on something that has been holding me back. I'll not go into it here, but it was deep and profound. Made me cry right there on the table. It was that profound.

Then I went for a walk with an online friend, it was our first time meeting. (I posted on CL looking for an accountability partner at the New Year. She and I account to each other what we eat/if we workout etc). She and I were chatting and she asked me what the dating scene was like in Austin. I was so thrown by the question. I told her that I don't date; that I spent 15 yrs in a relationship and now I'm just focusing on me. Then I said to her that unless the man is completely incredible, I truly do not want to be with anyone again. I am so much happier alone than in a sub par relationship. I hadn't really ever vocalized that to anyone before. I mean I kind of have here and there, but not really out and out said it and known to my core that I meant it. So then that had me thinking for the rest of the day. I absolutely do not want to settle, and I don't need to so - HURRAY!! ; )

After my walk with her I had alllll the foreboding symptoms I get when THEE migraine is about to come on. I immediately put my white flower oil on my forehead and on into my hair right over my right temple where the migraine originates. Then I put the oil on the back of my neck. Then I just talked to myself saying that if I go into the migraine I do, I'll come out of it. I don't know what part or if all that I did prevented the actual onslaught of the migraine, but I didn't go into it. I just had the dull feeling that I could for most of last night. It wasn't until I woke up this morning that I said out loud "The pain's gone!!". Soooo, this has me very optimistic. I start the rowing lessons Tuesday so I wonder if this will be something I have to contend with or maybe I'll be able to talk/work myself out of them. Fingers crossed!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beware of Greeks - No Make that Peeps - Bearing Gifts

I have about 4 or 5 things to talk about, but I feel like I could go into a migraine (since my 3pm walk - hasn't happened just feels like it could). I'll write more tomorrow.

Happy Easter!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Viva Diva

I booked my spa excursion at Viva Day Spa for the bday. I start at 1pm and don't leave until almost 8pm. Here's my menu for the day.

The Viva Diva
1 Hour Swedish Massage
Hot Steam Towel Treatment
Full Body Glow – pick a flavor
Choice of Hydrating Body Wrap (Lavender Lotus, Cocoa Cocoon, Dreamsicle (orange/vanilla), Oh So Coconut-Vanilla, Gingerizer (ginger/peppermint) or Sublime Ginger/Lime)
Viva Magic Mint Scalp Massage
Express Foot Reflexology Treatment
Viva Custom Designer Facial
Deluxe Manicure and Pedicure
White wine (or beverage of choice) and chocolate

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bi-Polar Much, Carla?

Man, I have been MENTAL this week. I'm ridiculously optimistic about the future/me/life/me/things/me but I'm also ready to kill a MF'er if they try anything and even if they DON'T try anything.

For all intents and purposes or intensive purposes (Hi, Stacy) every thing is pretty great. I've unexpectedly hung out with a good friend every night this week and am on my way to Paggi, unexpectedly, in about an hour. So what do I have to grouse about? Please, God, do not let me be one of those people who can't deal with every thing finally going right.

I think the problem or part of it is a slight lingering headache. I'm getting SO scared as the summer months approach. I'm really hoping against hope that my horrific migraines won't return with all the new things I'm doing to hopefully stave it off. I'm still scared though. Way scared. Maybe that is my problem.

On the fun and upbeat side, I am looking for spas for my bday and I had the ridiculously awesome thought of hiring a petting zoo. How fun would that be??? Yes, you're right. VERY!!!!