Friday, January 22, 2010

Call Me Grace

Spilled an entire cup of coffee on BB (Beloved Blackberry's name). Also on every other thing on my desk, but who cares. Initially I thought all was well. Well I can't clitter anymore. ( I don't remember which comedian I stole that from. I think it was Robin Williams.) So I can scroll it, but when I press it it doesn't 'enter'. Soooooo, I learned I can used the arrow-y button because that is the "enter" key. So it's a wee bit annoying, but hell's bells I do not want to have to buy another BB right now. I love this one so much and I just moved. No more expenses please!!!

What else. Nice chit-chatty convo with my boss. In fact I stayed an hr late just talking to her. I feel that things are better there. I hope I'm right because then I can just focus on getting the biz going. To that point, I see there is bulletin board outside Fresh Plus & Cipollina's. I am going to post something about Quintessentially You there.

Tomorrow is the next acupuncture appt. and getting the punching bag.

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