Sunday, January 31, 2010


So I think today is technically my anniversary looking at the calendar. I think I left Orlando on Jan 30th of 2008 and got here early in the very early a.m. of Jan 31st. I guess that's why I can't keep it straight as to what the proper date is. Anyway.

I was going from four a.m. until whenever I collapsed last night. It was a great day. I learned that I live in Mayberry. They turn off the traffic lights and there is NO ONE on the streets except you and the occasional cop. I love that. I really feel that I'm in a super-safe location. That's good because I accidently didn't lock my door (twice yesterday).

I did the Modern Home Tour with Jim. It was a whirlwind of house viewing since I had a facial appt the took a bit of a chunk out of the afternoon. We did homes #2, #6, #10, #14, & #9. I think I got that right. Very interesting. Saw some cool ideas, but I really had it reinforced that yes, BIG homes are nice, but I'm more of a smaller, warm, and cozy home girl myself. I'm sure if Jim never heard the word "warm" again from me it would be too soon.

The evening ended with meeting at Fino's and have a marvelous dinner. If you want the details, I wrote a yelp review

I really am astonished at how my life has developed here. I feel like I have a family here. I truly do. I have met so many kindred spirits here, and I feel blessed to have come here and to call Austin my home.

So what shall we get up to this year, Austin? ; - P

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