Saturday, January 16, 2010

Clarksville: Day Two

The weather was far more cooperative today. (thank you, Nature)

I headed on over to the house with the carload of stuff I packed up in the flood last night. I wanted to get that unloaded and head back to the appt to meet the Grandparents. As I was at the new place they called and said they were going to meet me there instead. That rocked I didn't know they knew how to get there. I guess a man who grew up in Montana and can find his way in the woods can manage Austin.

I hurriedly got the drapes up in the new bedroom that is painted the wrong color incidentally. I asked for a sage, you know a lightish green. I have a lightish blue (Valley Mist, I saw on the paint sample). Oh well.

I was so concerned they were not going to like the new place. I worried for nothing. They like it, and really like it. I know when they are just being nice. I can tell they are happy about the change for me. Grandfather (who is 6 &1/2 ft tall) said, "You could put a hoop up there and and hoop there and have a basket ball game". This was in reference to the largeness of the living room/dining room/sitting area. It is big.

So they unloaded my new computer and the other things they brought for me and we headed back to the apt. and loaded up both our vehicles. I was shocked how helpful they were. I thought I was going to have to work around them because obviously two people who will be 80 & 78 this yr cannot/should not lift much. They were SUPER helpful. Particularly with all those little things one has that doesn't really fit in a box, but how to you even label it when you do the inventory for the movers. Stuff like that. Plus I still have the handtruck Tony gave me so GF was able to take 3 bins at a time. VERY HELPFUL.

We/(me) unloaded everything at the new place. This really did me in. I keep packing the bins too heavy. Anyway, unloaded all of that and then collapsed on my new futon (first time to sit on it). Me likey!! That's one comfy futon.

So I look at GF and he at me and he said "I can do one more round of this". I asked if he was sure and he seems hesitant. I said, "Let's call it a day." I will go back home and reload all the bins that were just emptied and we can start again in the a.m. I can tell that was much appreciated. GM would have LOVED to come back with me and get all my stuff sorted, but I was not up for that.

So back home, loaded up the bins. Took the muscle relaxant she gave me for my back and it was Good Night, Nurse. I was out a couple hours.

I rallied. Loaded up the car again and was going to head back myself, but I can tell I am in a shitty, shitty, shitty mood so I was worried about driving. I know myself. Sometimes when I get that almost rage going it's not wise to drive. (it's just the relaxant mixed with my incredible need to be done already).

So I put the car back in the garage and here I sit. Ready for them to come in the a.m. and load up their car and do it all over again.

Tomorrow night is moving the cats. That's what I am truly stressed about. Fortunately, I was able to borrow 3 carriers for them. That will help a lot.

If anyone read this, my hat's of to you. This is interesting to no one other than me I'm sure.

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