Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Load Up the Caravan

So it's happening again. I'm moving, much to the surprise of NO ONE. I guess when you were RARLY in one place for more than a few weeks in your youth you just do NOT know how to put down roots. I get the keys tomorrow and I'm not remotely ready. I have my current apt till the last day of this month so there is a decent overlap. I have the movers coming a week from Friday. So I'll be done and outta here by the 21st. Things didn't go at all the way I thought they would this time, but things NEVER go the way I think they will. They just are a bit more off than expected. I found a cute place over double the size of the place I'm in now. I even will have a study. So that will be nice. The children (cats) will have more room. I'm closer to the office, but that's not all that thrilling. I'm not loving the job right now. Perhaps I'm just overwhelmed with the life changes - relationship ending/moving etc. I don't know. I hope I snap out of my little funk. I think I will. I think I'm just stressed out and lonely.