Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Story Idea That Has Awakened Me on Three Separate Nights Now...

First night I was awakened with the lyric "They asked me how I knew my true love was true..." playing eerily in the background. It was an intense scene. The woman (of course it's me, but you know for this "The Woman") is in an ominous setting and whenever she hears that song she's triggered by it. okay that was the first night and really all i had. just this dark scene, "the platters" in the background, and the woman.

The entire thing has played over and over in my head so often that I dreamt it again on another night and am awakened by it.

Now tonight again, but I didn't go back to sleep. I just laid there and thought about it. Trying to develop a story out of it. I decided to weave it with another story fragment of mine about a woman who is an assassin (i think, definitely into something dark) and is terribly injured and is discovered by an older gentleman (always Terrance Stamp in my head) who takes her in and nurses her back to health. In combining the two stories, I decided that "the woman" will be just that. A woman, we and she don't know who she is. An amnesiac. The old man finds her unconscious on the shore and takes her in. I am thinking he'll be no stranger to nefarious activities either, but I'm not sure yet. Anytime she hears "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" she'll remember a bit more about what happened to her. Right now I'm thinking she was attacked by someone she trusted and fell or was thrown overboard, but somehow managed to get herself to shore. Obviously her attacker(s) will get wind of the fact she's still alive and come for her. That's where the old man being a former ______ will come in handy.

Clearly this needs work. Need to research Amnesia.

(Note: Photo taken by Issei Suda, I just loved it because it had the "lightbulb" for my idea and then woman in the water)

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