Monday, October 11, 2010

What a Wicked Game He Plays...

I have three cats Evil, Wicked, and Zoe (E & W are bros from the same litter). The boys were born April '99 so we share a bday and Zoe was July of '03. Needless to say they have seen me through some difficult times and I completely adore them. I would be lying though if I did not admit feel a little tied down by them. I can assure you I would have left Austin a couple times over had they not been here. Wicked is bar none the least portable cat they ever made followed very closely by Evil. Zoe is a bit more of a trooper, but E & W's carryings on freak her out so bad that she catches the cuckoo-fever too.

So I have been feeling extra-shitty the last several days as Wicked has not been himself at all. I sort of expect each time I leave him that I might not see him again. Ugggh, such mixed emotions. I mean I want to keep all three of them forever, but they are becoming soooooo much work as they get older. SOOOOOO much work.

Well, Wicked seems to be getting back to his old self. He's back in bed with me. That's how I knew he wasn't okay. Normally my cats put me to bed. They each have their spot and his is on the pillow next to me, which he was standing on hovering over me and purring loud as hell for about 20 minutes to the point that I'm now up writing this.

So I love, love, love, love my little guys and gal --- I just am growing weary of the obligation.

These cats will not be replaced. Nooo, sir. Not for a long time anyway. Unless they make a more portable cat. A seafaring kitty. Then maybe...

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