Monday, October 18, 2010

4.5 Years to My Boat...

I'm 35 and 1/2 today, and I get a boat when I turn 40. Because I give myself THEE best presents and I really want something to remember 40 by and something that makes me look forward to it. See there? That's just cleverness on my part. This makes me eager for 40. I'll have to really come up with something big for 50.

Today was a pretty awesome day. Nothing big that happened just thinking about things differently. A couple things happened that would have normally knocked the wind out of my sails (boat reference), but I regrouped started to declare all the things that I'm committed to and I'd say in a matter of 15 - 20 minutes I was through the issue and it was an issue no more. Man, I hope I can always do that because like would be a dream. (sha boom sha boom) :)

In the world of song, I had "Hey, Hey, Paula" in my head because someone misheard my name again. You might not think it, but Carla gets misheard on the phone as Paula rather frequently. I've actually even answered to Paula in the past because I knew it was me they wanted, and there was no Paula in the place.

Since I had the song in my head, I did a bit of research and guess what --- Paul and Paula are Ray and Jill. I get that "Hey, Hey Paula" has a better ring than "Hey, Hey, Jill" (Hey, Hey, Carla works too) :) But "Hey, Hey, Ray" rhymes!!!! Ehhh, hindsight.

Hey Paula by Paul and Paula

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