Saturday, October 16, 2010


My friend Jessica read my prior post and turned me on to this song. It's perfect, Jessica, thanks!!!!!

It's hard to hear, so I posted the lyrics below.

I am a one-man woman
I live one day at a time
keep one eye open
I got a one-track mind

I'm a one trick pony
living in a one horse town
people say I should be lonely
but that ain't what's goin down
I'm alone but I'm not lonely

I live in a one-room palace
on top of a hill
on the edge of a wilderness
all my dreams could never fill

and I hang my head over
hear the rustling of the leaves
down in the hollow below me
a wild woman breathes
I'm alone but I'm not lonely

I am a one-man woman
flying solo for the time
but when I sing here for my supper
I know everything's gonna be just fine

got two hands to guide me
through one very long dance
got a true heart inside me
gonna give me one more chance
to be alone, not lonely
I'm alone, not lonely

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