Thursday, October 14, 2010

All In All, It Was a Good Day...

So I read a Daily OM the other day about finding happiness in more than just the big events in our lives. Nothing I hadn't heard/read before, but I guess it really took root today because I was doing that big time today. The best example. There was this really odd, tiny bug on my desk and I just watched it. It was kind of adorable. All its little movements were beautiful. I wish it was always there. IT COULD BE MY SIDEKICK!!!! Because the Jeff Goldblum thing just isn't happening. I also stared at a cricket while getting gas and thought "I'd love to film him." (I drank and drugged heavily in my youth.)

There were other little observations throughout the day. I got way more out of my walk this afternoon than I normally do. I noticed so many more things. My favorite was a birdcase in someone's yard. I then thought about how awesome it would be for someone I know and thought it would be fun to get drunk and steal it. So yeah, I'm still a work in progress.

Then tonight was "30 Rock"'s live episode. I was looking forward to it because Mr. Hamm was going to be on it. I LOVE D. Draper, but his "30 Rock" 'so handsome, but so stupid" character KILLS me. Now that he has the hook hands due to his helicopter and fireworks injuries I was really eager to see what they did with him. I was NOT disappointed. I won't give it away. Watch it. I think it will be on Hulu. Or maybe NBC's site.

And last but not least -- I think I have a big deal for something amazing. I just don't know how to articulate it as yet. It occurred to me in the shower (all my big ideas occur there -- it's the water). It would be a philanthropic website that would connect people from all over the world with others interested in specific causes. Something like that. I have too many ideas in my head about it right now. I almost need to talk it out.

Perhaps I'll sit here and talk to Jon about it. He seems interested.

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