Monday, October 4, 2010

Come On Get Happy!!!!

Okay let me quickly write this during 1/2 time as Miami is losing their lead over NE.

This post is about happiness and me finding it a bit more lately. I have developed an evening ritual that has me looking forward to each evening and feeling like my life is pretty damn sweet. It varies a bit with each night, but here is tonight's itinerary to give the idea.

Stop at the market and pick up a decent cut of beef and whatever accoutrement to go with it. Pronounce it in your head as (-ktr-mnt, -tr-) {the - = backwards 'e'}. You really, really want to show that you took 3 worthless years for French in college that semi-helped you through Europe and all the foreign films you love. Then smoke at least one cigarillo and drink a bottle of Champagne -- the happiness quotient increases dramatically. Then slowly cook the boeuf du noir with sauteed onions and red potatoes. Top it with gorgonzola and you have the perfect meal.

Light a few of the candles on the candelabra on your bedroom wall that you can easily see from the living room/dining room and that simulates a fire. Keep the front door cracked open with so that the cool fall air can easily flow through and there you have it.


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