Friday, October 29, 2010

Personal Jesus/Carla Whisperer

So "Personal Jesus" comes on the second I drive away from the office, and I freak out and yell, "Oh My God, ___ is SO my Personal Jesus!!!" There is someone I know who is like a total guru to me, it's wild. Anytime I'm on the verge of total batshit, he just comes along and says the perfect thing. I have never met anyone like him --- EVER. I know a lot of awesome people and they say very comforting things that are very helpful, but he's like a total Carla Whisperer. I'm in total awe of him. Yesterday I was shattered, until I talked to him. Today I have hope. Night and day difference, and mostly due to what he said to me. Not just want he said though. I think someone else could have said the exact words and it not have been the same. It's his manner too. Plus I'm not used to men who can artfully deal with emotions. I'm used to the Houdini of Emotions. So maybe that's part of why what Personal Jesus says has such impact. (Carla Whisperer makes me giggle)

I've attached the song, and while Dave and the boys in a Spanish brothel is hot and all, it was not exactly where I was going with the analogy. If you click on youtube, there are a couple of funnyass remarks. One tells you that if you want to see the song raped just type in Hillary Duff and the other asks what the fuck is happening in this video. Freaking tickles me.

Mother )#($*W)#(%* here's the link, sorry the embedding is disabled.

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