Friday, October 8, 2010

Burgos. Sidhom. Castille?

So for those who know me post 2001, they might not know my maiden name is Burgos (which is also a town in Spain, the cathedral is quite lovely as is the entire town - you should go someday). The married name is Sidhom which I kept because I was SICK of people trying to speak Spanish at me all the time. No one knows what a "Sidhom" is and when I tell them it's Egyptian that suddenly makes my ex-husband 1,000 times more exotic than he deserves to be. He's a Long Island by way of Brooklyn tough guy. But hey, let the people have their illusions. God knows I did. So then there is Castille which is the pen name I conjured up about 10 years ago. I thought it was cool AND Burgos was the capitol of Old Castile sooo there is the tie in with the maiden name, yet it's one I created. Sometimes I think about officially changing my name to Carla Castille. For whatever reason though I haven't as yet. I don't know that I love it like I used to.

I'd really like to change my name to Queen Carla, but I don't think I'd get people to call me that. Damn, people.

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