Friday, October 15, 2010

Tom Cruise Is Following Me on Twitter (and the Metro)

(Back story: I accidently got a wee bit mixed up with the Scientologists the first time the marriage hit the skids. I used to be cuckoo religious and prayed and pleaded with God to save my marriage. When I did every thing right (by Christian standards) I began to unravel and that was the beginning of the end of my religion. I would seek out several different paths over the next couple years none of which worked for me, but one that to this day will not let me go (via phone and postal mail) - Scientology. They are more persistent than the cops, Feds, or Mob. I've been chased across 3 states by them.)

I often dream that Tom Cruise is after me, because the Scientologists are very persistent and I joke that they are going to send Cruise and Travolta after me if I don't give in. Sooooooo last night I dreamt that Tom tracked me down. He was up my ass about Prozac. I was like "I'm NOT on Prozac. I'm not on anything". He then whispers to me, "Carla. You're on Twitter. I KNOW what you said!!!" So my mind starts racing to all that I ramble on about, and I remembered in the dream that I wrote I was going to go on Prozac. Tom was none-to-thrilled. I think I finally made myself wake up to get away from him. (Note: not on prozac or any other meds --- i just took some Tylenol that's it though)

I got some really bad news this afternoon that explains why I was so goddamned out of sorts this week that I couldn't even go to a freaking concert that I had a front row ticket to. My Grandmother (THEE most import person walking this planet to me) has been having tests and with what was found this week has to have a biopsy next week. Now, it may not be anything, but I have a rather bleak feeling. It's like, Fuck, I finally get my life turned around and things are really looking up and now she may not be around to see it? I'd love for her to see me re-marry and have kids if that's in the cards for me, and given I'm 35 &1/2 this Monday that window is not huge. So like another 10 years. That would rock. More would be better, but at least another 10. Given my afore mentioned lack of religion, this sort of thing is harder. I guess that's all I have to say about this for now.

I have another family issue, but I don't know that I care to discuss it. Maybe over the weekend I'll find the words. For now, I'll move on to the next topic.

Next topic.

q) How awesome is Royksopp? a) So awesome.

It was mostly Valli, Vinton, and Cooke today, but I sneaked a little Thievery Corp and Royksopp in there too.

I love this video. Makes me wish I had pursued my degree in film. I'd make a video so freaky, you'd contemplate Baker Acting me. (I don't know that they do that in TX, it's definitely a FL thing)

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