Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Dream of Africa--Okay, AND Jon Hamm

So all this drama of this week, hell really this year, or perhaps my whole adult life has swept over me like a tidal wave. I want to make some major changes. Things are stirring in me unlike ever before. I'm being flooded by the need to live a life that has a true purpose. So I'm trying to figure out what does that mean for me. Right now all I can say is that I'm trying to be less assholesque (can i copyright that word?), but that's clearly not going to do it. I keep having visions of myself in Africa helping in a village. Given that I spent my childhood in India with my Grandparents doing just that, it's little surprise that my life would come around full circle back to that. I just don't know what I have to offer. I'm not saying I don't have anything to offer -- just don't know what "it" is.

Also thinking about getting involved with an organization for the abolition of capital punishment. I'm not uber for/against much politically. I'm not a big political person (although if my father had stayed in S. America and I was raised down there, I think I would have been a TOTAL anarchist. but who can say?). The one thing that can really get me fired up though is the death penalty. I was pre-law (it was one of my 5 majors before finally settling on Organizational Management). Had I followed through with law, I would have loved to work on "The Innocence Project".

So I don't know. I'm curious/excited/maybe scared to see how this will all play out. Clearly some changes will be coming. As if I haven't had enough of that already.

Annnnd on an unrelated note, why, why, why did I have to see unshaven Jon Hamm today? Unshaven, hot men are my kryptonite. And we are less than a month away from my 3 year embargo being lifted. Warning to you, Mr. Hamm, don't let me find you unshaven after November 25th. Because it will be FULL ON!!!!

This is for the me I might have been (had I been raised in S. America) : P


  1. Oh god I luvs me some Jon Hamm....he's just one of my free cheats. He's probably really vapid but you know what...all he has to do is look good and stay quiet.

  2. I love how funny he is on SNL & 30 Rock. Makes me want him even more. Dreamt last night I was preggers with Baby Hamm. Actually it was a whole funny dream about him and I riding on a Greyhound bus. I may have to write about it today.