Sunday, October 17, 2010

"How's It Goin', Dimples?"

My over the counter love affair with my butchers continues. There are several behind the counter where I go, but 2 who out and out get their flirt ON with me. I think they like my taste in meat and given the portions I buy assume (correctly) it's for 1. Yesterday's "How's it goin', Dimples?" was especially special because I had just come from acupuncture and looked a hot mess. I was reminded yet again that I get THEE most attention when I look like Life sucker-punched me.

No one's called me "Dimples" in awhile either. It was a nickname I always liked, and such an obvious one. You could freaking park cars in mine they're so deep. I got curious a few years back and researched why we have them. (We was me and my ex-husband). The muscles in our faces are shorter than normal people's. So I don't know that this little contraption that's pictured would have really done anything at all for dimple-free, but it's a cute idea.

When New Nephew was born (over 2 yrs ago now) my brother's first words to me were "We can tell he's related to YOU!!!" So he's the 2nd to carry the Burgos' Dimples forward. Surely there were others before, but I don't know them.

Ha!! I just made a blog post about dimples. I think I could write about dirt at this point.

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