Monday, October 11, 2010

Boardwalk Empire: I'll Debate the Merits of The League of Nations with You, Daddy

OMG, I am loving this show. I love Dabney Coleman's dickish character who's anti-suffragette and asks women who scarcely know what their name is their take on the merits of The League of Nations. He causes me to yell at the screen "I'll debate you, Misogynist." I also love how "you have a smart mouth" is said to any woman with a quick wit or opinion of her own. I'm guessing I'd have had that said to me a lot, and that I'd have taken more than a few beatings back then. SUCH a great show though. I keep insulting people in my head in '20's terms. I keep calling people 'bohunks'. Don't look it up. It's a little bit not nice.

I think I need to head back to Central Market's Cooking School. I need new ideas. I need to come up with a signature marinade. I will call it Carla's Concoction. Or maybe not. I don't know that I love that. Maybe as I create it the name will come. I need to start my menu for Christmas Eve/Christmas dinners for the Grandparents. I've said that ever day the last week. I need to seriously put this on my to-do list. I want them to have a marvelous time.

What else. Oh yeah. I felt like I was going to have an aneurysm today. That was fun. My 30 min walk was not awesome as a result. I need the weather to cool off again.


  1. That show is just fabulous. I loved it when Bucemi said "what's a mother fucker" I was rolling.
    If you want a dry rub might I suggest Mistress Karlita's Spanking Rub, my friends company Big Fatty's Flaming Foods put it out just for me and it's hot as hell but tastes soo good. Only Central Markets carry it.

  2. Buscemi is MARVELOUS in this!!! He and the kid playing Capone are my faves.

    Thanks for the tip. I don't go in for the 'hot' too much though : )