Monday, November 1, 2010

"I'll Be Over Here - Not Giving a Fuck"

I say that a lot, so I really loved this pic a friend sent me today.

I'm in a mood start something today. Mischief of course. I'm so bored by my "new life". Soooooo bored. I know it's safer than my old life, but it's so sedate. So very, very, very sedate. I almost nodded off as I wrote this.

I'm really considering leaving Texas. When I almost stroked out over putting Texas plates on the new car (which I didn't do), I knew. My least portable cat is gone and therefore so is one of the largest obstacles to picking up and going.

I won't go yet. I vowed to give Texas 5 years. Well it's got 2 more years. Right now there is only one thing/person who could make me stay. That 'reason' would be worth staying in a trailer park in (fill in the shitty place) for.

Are you enjoying my little emotional-hell of a roller coaster? Who would have thought a cat was the lynch pin to my sanity?

"Buy me drink. Sing me a song. Take me as I come, because I can't stay long."


  1. If you leave before 5 years, will you at least tell me in person? And, not, like, in a text as you cross the border? I mean, I know that's fun and romantic and movie-like, but just don't, kay?

  2. Don't worry. I won't do you like I did Tony and tell you in a birthday ecard while you are out of town for a funeral.

    He deserved that sort of goodbye.