Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Just Candles And Wine"

Lots to talk about, Folks. Lots and lots. I'll try to keep to the highlights of what's been traipsing about my brain.

First and foremost, I'm in like Flynn with the Introduction Leaders Program!!! Now I'm just stressing about the travel involved. Who will take care of my pets? How can I get to these places w/o breaking the bank? I trust these matters will all sort themselves out. Meanwhile I'm a wee bit nauseous from worrying about it. Just a wee bit.

Dream life has been very lively lately. Very lively indeed. I told a friend about a few of the dreams as they all pertain to one person and she loved this part - the guy was having a hard time and asked if he could come over. I said of course and asked if he needed anything. He answered "Just candles and wine." That was pretty awesome. I really love the dialogue in my dreams sometimes.

I keep having visuals and more than that SENSATIONS about a house. I see parts of it so clearly and I see myself there with a family. It has a very heavy almost Medieval feeling, but the house is in no way oppressive. Quite the contrary, it feels like home. I was trying to find photos on line to represent what I'm seeing in my mind, but no luck so far. The pic I'm posting is by Arturo Montanelli. This house overlooks Lake Como. Rough, huh? I saw this picture and almost came (all the photos of it were spectacular). However, not at all the house in my vision. My house looks very similar to one house in particular in Orlando, but it's not that house. Just resembles it. I'll find it, damn it, I'll find it!!!!

This weekend went by crazy fast, but it was a good one. Ready for the week ahead. Now to go make my NY strip and settle in with "Boardwalk Empire". The perfect ending to any weeekend.

I dig, dig, dig, dig, DIG the title of this song. Why can't all song titles be this cool?

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