Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Must Be Serious, My Legs Are Paralyzed...

Tonight's class was AWESOME. I got up and shared about my breakthrough aka "the miracle". That's what our class leader called it. It does feel like a miracle and tonight just now, Grandmother called it that as well. :)

I had an orientation for the Introduction Leadership Program. Whoa. No wait. BIG WHOA. It will start March 4 and go to Oct 14. I'll have to go back to Florida, leave it to Landmark to force me back home. They will also force me to Atlanta and Houston. Not super-psyched about that, but I'll just have to get over that. So it's March in Lauderdale, May in Atlanta, June in Houston, and July back in Lauderdale with about a zillion trips to somewhere between here and San Antonio almost every week. What I'll be getting out of it all is going to be HUGE. So huge. I will need to reference this post in Jun when I'm sick of it and want to quit.

I had to submit an application so I'm not "in" yet. I have an interview on Saturday. Wish me luck!!!


  1. If I do, I won't feel it!!!! You know that's Nick Cage from "Honeymoon in Vegas", right? He proposes to S-J Parker at a traffic light and she asks if he is serious and he says that. Always cracked me up.