Friday, November 26, 2010

The Awakening Heart

I've been doing a lot of reading, reflecting, and visioning in regards to love. I am seeing more and more that I'm surrounded by love as opposed to it being this elusive prey that I have been forever hunting. This makes me very happy. I still wonder though if there will be "The One" for me. I know there will be "the next one", but "THEE ONE". Does he exist?

I was reading today "...boredom and monotony do not exist in real love...". That really got me to thinking. Was what I once truly thought was real love even real love? I was really never that bored as I NEVER knew what I was going to get with the former object of my affections. He was volatile to say the least. Still was that real love? I don't know. I hope that someday I experience a love that will answer that question for me. That it will be so magnificent and completely different from Husband #1 that there will be no doubt in my mind what real love is.

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  1. hi hi hi - there's someone for everyone! helloooo carla lmk if you are free sunday to get coffee or something i am getting cabin fever...