Monday, November 15, 2010

CB's Christmas Brought To You This Year By CB

So it's that time of year again where I stress out over my own little personal game of one-up-manship in the gift giving department. I usually BRING it with the gift giving and hear about it all year how much whatever I got was THEE perfect thing so the pressure is always on to top myself. I love when I can turn to a single place for everyone's gift, but that's not always possible. This year for CB's gifts it's CB (I'm CB, well I was when I had my maiden name). I think last year was Pottery Barn. I seem to alternate each year. Some gifts I'll have to go elsewhere if there is a particular something I need for someone. So far I have found 11 gifts so that's a huge load off. I really marvel out how I can make "fun" stressful, but I sure can.

There is a woman on PBS right now, who looks like an elf. Seriously. She really does.

Speaking of elves, zombies, yeah, that wasn't smooth. Anyway, not a fan. Don't get the zombie hype, but I'm trying to get into "The Walking Dead" since Frank Darabont is making it and AMC has done well by me with "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad". I'm not sure if I'm going to like it though. I did like this song at the end of episode one though. :)

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