Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Speak "Crazy"

My best friend has frequently told me that I should watch "Flipping Out". It's show about this HOT (of course he's gay) guy who is massively gifted at refurbishing homes and then selling them. She said that I would love his personality. Do I EVER. I sooooo get him. He hasn't done one thing yet that I think is out of line. He is eccentric, yes. The guy is brilliant though. I can't stand all the nit-wits around him, but he seems to love them. Love is blind, because these fools need to be kicked to the very posh curbs that his properties are on.

He is so my new favorite thing. His eye for detail. His stress-outs. His love for his pets. His heat. Yeah. I dig this 'crazy' dude.

Speaking of "Crazy". I'll go crazy if the embedding is disabled.

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