Sunday, February 28, 2010

We're on a Road to Nowhere

For this one, feel free to play this to put you in the proper mood.

I've been TRYING to get my blog arranged just so and it's been vexing. I don't get all this stuff. I'm sort of there with it, but not really. You can tell a week ago when I learned to add pictures because every post since has had a photo. I was trying to get my 43Things page to link and you bloody see it over there on the right. Now click on it. What happened? Yeah NOTHING. So frustrating. I'm about 62% sure I did it right. Anyway, if you want to see my 43Things page you can keep up with my serious and silly goals you can just copy and paste the link. I guess this will test how bad you really want it. Is it really worth the effort to copy and paste just to learn my goals? : P

Then I added a playlist. Not a list of my all time favorites, but definitely a sampling of songs I dig. I like how it's optimistic, then a little fatalistic, then just straight up sad, then all dancey (it's a word - i made it up) and ass-kicky (also a word), then sort of piney (like pining for something not the tree). Yeah it's a real roller coaster. Enjoy.

So where is this blog going? I was asking myself this today. I don't even know. I like that I have a few people tell me "I need to catch up on your blog". It gives me an inflated sense of importance and you know how important that is to me. I also would like to thank one of my readers who was concerned that my shiftless cats could be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. It's a compelling theory, but I have the detector (I'm about 84% sure of that one) and they are just epically dull at times so I think everything is okay here. Anyway. Where is this blog going? Well, it's definitely getting me prepared for writing those screenplays I always talk about. I'm not there yet, but the juices are flowing (I just sickened myself).

What else?

Well Hells Bells the weekend is over. I feel like I did NOTHING. I mean I did. I studied and am almost current on my hypnosis lessons. So that's important. I totally forgot that I was going to go get a massage today. That's really sad. I'm so pampered I FORGOT I was to get a massage today. No wonder some people hate me. That remark right there really deserves a slap. I was going to do all kinds of things around the house. The only things I did around the house was listen to music, watch movies, read, drink, and sleep.

So another month begins. What will March bring? I'd expand on this but "Big Love" is starting and I'm about 53% sure the youtube link of David Byrne I posted is not going to work. (Just know a lot of cursing will be going on over here if it does not)

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