Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Shower Almost Killed Me...

Ahhhh, old houses. They are so full of character, so rich with history, so brimming with homicidal tendencies. The house usually tries to kill me with the wildly warped floors that actually make me sing "All This Time" at least a couple times a day (remember the video?). So tonight I came in from my walk (on the hills that try to kill me). I decide to do a bit of laundry and then take a shower. I figure that I'll play with the massager on the shower. Not in that way, it's mounted to the wall. So I find this one mode that's nice, weak, but nice. I'm enjoying my shower and then suddenly the water pressure goes from 1 to ELEVEN. I thought it was going to slam me against the wall. Sooooooo, the lesson here is WAIT until the washer has finished filling before getting in the shower of DEATH.

OMG!!!!! My yoga pants came!!! Damn do they look GOOD on me. I just am not 100% sure I can wear them out though. They appeared quite see through when I took them out of the box. I'll have to have someone see me in them first and then tell me whether or not I'm going to a yoga studio in them or not.

Saturday... I was so excited that I had nothing going on and within the last hour I have found out about 2 things I really want to do. The first is from 11-1 at the Chittamani Buddhist Center it's called "Licking Honey of the Razor's Edge" it's about distinguishing between love and attachment. Then I found out Black Swan Yoga has a thing at 3 on Energy 101. I'm thinking I might do both. I shall think on it.

What else? I always think of about 7 things during the day that I say I'm going to write about then I forget. I usually just write about whatever JUST happened to me and then if I'm lucky I remember a few of the other things. All this stalling has not helped. I don't remember what I wanted to say.

Oh well. Good Night.

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