Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Don’t Be Frio"

I was trying to tell the janitor to stay warm and that was the best I could do. Oh well.

I'm researching certification for hypnosis. Time to get cracking with that. I'll be writing more about that soon.

I'm craving Borboleta. I love that. I'll have it tomorrow night after my appointment with Dr. Feelgood.

Watching "A Simple Man" another Coen Bros film. Like all Coen Bros films (for me) starts ehhh, gets really engaging and great, goes back to ehhh and this should have been better edited because I could have done with less, then the ending grabs me enough to giving it approx 4 stars. I really wish that Netflix had an neutral star. So times there is a land between Don't Like and Like.

My house temperature is vexing me to no end. It's better now, but I'm sick of the cold (in the house). It was 57 degrees (IN THE HOUSE) when I got home. The cats were so cold. They're fine now, but I don't like this one bit. I need to get the hang of it quick. Uber-awesome electric blankie is on its way thanks to Overstock... so is my yoga mat for Monday.

What else? Ohhhh, I'm really getting on well with my boss now. I love that. She and I are just clicking.

About to watch "Couples Retreat". Hope it's as funny as it looks.

I love when I write about every thing except the main thing that's on my mind because I'm too chicken.

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