Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ghostbusting In Your Soul...

or as it was actually written "Go forth and blossom in your soul". Sometimes I mishear lyrics. This instance is courtesy of Gorillaz' "Stylo" which I CRAZY love. I just love that "Ghostbusting In Your Soul" really hit me as being awesome. You know. Like killing your demons? Ahhh, forget it.

So it SNOWED today. I posted a bunch of photos on FB like the massive goof ball that I am. It was so fun. I used to see snow plenty as a kid, but I was asthmatic and couldn't be out in it so it was almost the boogie man to me. It's nice to have a comfortable relationship with Sir Snow. I don't know why the "Sir" I just felt it deserved respect.

I'm watching "Tropic Thunder" for the 53rd time. It's on mute and I have "Stylo" blasting in my headphones. That plus Rounder's pizza = nice Tuesday night. ; )

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