Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the 11th hour...

i was about to head off to bed and realized i have written here yet. i've been yammering on to everyone around me so i feel that i had.

soooo let see. no boot camp for me. my back hurts too bad and as i was out walking to make up for it i had an asthma attack. sooooo, i will do my walks (carefully) and then incorporate Black Swan into the picture and take it from there.

movies from the past are sometimes not with watching again. "Lord of the Flies" went from 5 stars (as I remembered it from my youth) to 1 star. What a bunch of bastards they were.

semi- watching "Coco Before Chanel". semi-sorry i wasted my time on it.

tomorrow is Dr. Feelgood and possibly a mediation study at the Buddhist centre up the street from me. "Meditations for Relaxation" is the series they are on. That seems perfect given the acupuncture treatment I had on Saturday (which I CAN tell is helping with my sleep already).

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, found my hypnosis cert program. i forgot i was going to sign up tonight. i guess i'll do it in the a.m. too tired for fine, hypnotizing print. so i think 6 wks from tomorrow I can be certified. GOOD, because the biz cards say i am.

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