Saturday, February 27, 2010

and It's 66.6 in My Bedroom AGAIN

I simply cannot get the temperature in this house anywhere in the vicinity of where I want it. It's allegedly in the 70's by the thermostat and at least once a day it's 66.6 in the bedroom. I'm either burning up or freezing cold. FYI, that 66.6 photo wasn't easy to capture. As soon as I'm in the bedroom for a few seconds the temp rises. It's only 66.6 when Evil (my cat) is in there. I guess he and Satan hang out when I'm not there.

I finally had a little porch swing time today. Unfortunately I did so after having a rather strong ale. I sat down and was reading "Forking Fantastic" to get dinner party ideas or really more the courage to throw one and I was swinging myself higher and higher when it suddenly hit me that I felt car sick or swing sick I guess. I haven't felt right since. So no swinging after drinking and don't read. I guess.

I completed two more lessons on hypnosis. I'm getting quite excited about it. I started on the 4th lesson, but the swing-sickness really put a damper on the whole rest of the day. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow. Lesson 5 won't be accessible until Wednesday so I have time still.

Other than that, I didn't really do much today. Evil, Wicked, and Zoe seem like they just sleep ALL the time now. Maybe I didn't notice it before because they'd go off in other rooms, but in the new house they are always around and always semi or unconscious. That's fun. They better not make me get a dog.

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