Monday, February 8, 2010

Heavy Is the Chest that Wears the Minimizer

In the world of my bones, I learned much today. There is nothing wrong with me other than I just kind of need to be reset. I'm paraphrasing. He said that I'm just curvy and always will be. He just wants to get me better aligned. I asked about the dowager hump thing that the massage girls freaked me out about. He said "If you are face down on a table it's going to look that way because you are heavy-chested (that term tickled me, hence the title) so it will seem as if you have a dowager's hump. You don't" MAN was that a load of my hunchback. I told him that I put off seeing a chiropractor because I was so scared to be told that it was true. He is awesome. I'll see him Wed& Fri and then I forget how many times I go next week. I think just twice. I love all the songs that go through my head while I'm there. "Take My Breath Away" and "Do That to Me One More Time" are the big ones. WHY did I fight going to a chiropractor??????

I wanted Borboleta tonight, but they are closed on Monday. Since a lot of people are into Meatfree Monday, I think they should rethink that. ; )

I happened upon another horrific accident today. Funny how I do that. I almost stopped, but there were others that had stopped so I kept going. Just because I don't think they were alive. I couldn't handle that. The roads here are APPALLING compared to Florida. I see a little better why they drive like mentals here when the rain starts. The roads out near my job are treacherous. I always a little wonder if that will be what does me in. They are unsafe in bad weather.

What else? Boot camp starts a week from today. I'm ready, but it's probably better that I have a few more chiro visits before I start that.

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