Sunday, February 21, 2010

Get Off My {Neighbor's} Lawn...

So I'm awakened and I don't initially know why as I've been sleeping pretty well. I get up to get a drink of water. See that my children are starving (their dry food was gone) so I get out a new bag and fill their bowl. Try to go back to bed and start stewing again over this bullshit at work...and then I hear moaning. Semi-faint. I think I must be mistak--- there it is again. Did I just hear someone say "Yes"? Ummmm, yeah. I did. JESUS CHRIST is someone in the room that my landlord stores her stuff in? I'm panicking now. For a split second I think ghost because the woman who's been celibate for two years now WOULD have the Ghost of Fuckings Past in her house.

It sounds SO much like it's in house, but I'm praying it is outside even though THAT thought is wildly disturbing too because this really isn't the area for it. I mean I could think of a lot of other places around here that would WAY more conducive. I think that it's coming from my neighbor's house. I keep trying to peek out my window semi-terrified I'll see someone right outside my window. No. It's RIGHT on her front lawn. I could NOT believe it. Ummmm, people can clearly see you from the street and it IS Saturday night so they are around you lunatics.

What weirds me out is how did they know my neighbor was out of town? They must have because they had their SUV parked right in her driveway and then when they were done had the balls to smoke their after sex cigarette while hanging out on her porch.

WHAT THE FUCK? Literally.

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