Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two Months to 35

It's Feb 18th so just two short months to my 35th. My oh my am I doing a lot of mental/emotional housekeeping. Out with the old and in with the new. It feels kind of good. It also feels kind of scary. Such is life, right?

I got my new business cards today. God they are plain. That's what I wanted -- I thought. They are REALLY plain. Just black raised text on white. I would NOT be whipping these out to show Patrick Bateman (God, I love that movie).

I'm hating my diet right now. Nothing satisfies me . I'm trying not to go back to crap food, but I'm not liking what I have right now that is healthy. I should have gone to Borboleta tonight but I was simply too tired after my walk.

I sat on my porch swing today!!! First time!!! Not for long though. I let Wicked out for a little bit (I'll upload a pic of that to my FB). He was loving it, but as he always does when he's let out he wants to go get in the dirt. What's with that? Evil didn't even acknowledge the door was open and Zoe very timidly peeked her head out. A girl going by had to stop when she saw Wicked. Is it wrong that I enjoy people marveling at my cats' epic size? I'm certain they are part Florida Panther. They simply have to be. ; )

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