Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Look Into My Eyes...

So I start hypnosis training this week!!! I should be done by the beginning of April. It's a six week course. just typed "sex week" wtf?? it's soooo not sex week : (

anyway, i'm excited (apparently).

i revamped some things on the site. namely the pricing. i know that it's the "average" in the industry to charge $165 a session and I was well under that, but I've discounted it even further. I figured if almost everyone I talk to asks "What's a Life Coach" that they would not know what the industry standard is. so we shall see how that goes. everyone is interested in the hypnosis though. so that's why i'm running with that.

my neighborhood is not racially diverse-- when it comes to kitties. i was on a walk today and i saw 7 ginger cats (what are they called Marmelades?) and 2 ginger dogs (Irish Setters--I have no clue) any way, if they saw my cats they'd say "There goes the neighborhood". I really giggled about this while on my walk. I giggle a lot on my walks. Mostly because I think how funny it would be if I fell and rolled allllllllll the way to the bottom of the ridiculous hills.

ohhhhhh, i found the Clarksville sign that I had as my FB profile pic for a few days. It's just a block over and a couple up from my place. It's in front of Sweet Home Alabama Baptist Church (I may have added a word). I got SO excited!!

last thing, the house is cold. i'm going to bed to curl up under the electric blankie. that's sad.

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