Thursday, February 11, 2010

SHE DIED?!!?!!?

Today janitor said, "I go Mexico. Manana. Momma. Gone." With a sweeping motion of is hand. The look on my face clearly frightened him because he scurried out of my office while I gasped. "SHE DIED!?!?"

I run into another office and ask "Did Juan's mother die??" "No." I restated what he said. "Ohh. His wife was here and she's back in Mexico now. He's going to see her." I now hate him. Even if he has said all that in Spanish I would have NOT heard any conjugation of "morir" and I would NOT have jumped to such conclusions.

I flooded my bathroom (with my foot spa water) and Zoe barfed on my bed. All in all, it's not been a marvelous day.

But I get to see Dr. Feelgood tomorrow. He's gonna make me feel ALRIGHT!! ; P

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