Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Bloody Wednesay

Man, the fatigue is EPIC. I have had minimal to none in the energy department and it's getting old. I think it might be the weather, but I don't know. I normally find this sort of weather cozy and in this house -- please, this house is cozy personified (if the house was a person). Oh well. Two more days and I can sleeeeeeep, which I won't. It's really more the knowing I can.

Okay, what else? Well GF should leave the hospital tomorrow and that will be a good thing. I really hope this surgery does the trick. They are SO active and miss traveling (I don't think they left the country at all last year, which for them is quite a statement). He really can't until his hip is okay.

I'm mentally psyching myself up for boot camp. I think someone needs to tell me this isn't REAL boot camp. As freaked out as I am, you'd think it was. I just know I'm going to be in a world of hurt as often as I plan to force myself to go. I pray it warms up just a bit. Going at 5:30a.m. in this weather? WHOA

The Battle Royale between Carla & Her Right Side of Her Body is still being waged. At this moment Carla is on top thanks to copious amounts of medicine. I really hope I snap out of it. I'm giving it until Sunday. If I'm not better then I'll go for some Ashiatsu. I just have laid out so much money lately that I'm letting myself suffer (it's been 6 days now).

The House: Ohhh there are so many things that need to be done here. SO many things. I don't even want to get into it.

I got freaked out by kids again. I was on Failbook. It's a subsidiary (so not the correct term) of Failblog. It's hysterical (because they aren't my kids). God, when do kids lose their innocence now or did they even have it to begin with? Is it the internet? I swear I have learned SO many things that I should NEVER EVER EVER had ever heard in this life due to the internet, but I'm almost 35. You could tell these are young kids. Makes me sad. Makes me question having kids, but then again everything makes me question that.

On the light-hearted side, the best show ever is on tonight ("Modern Family"). I'm going to stop typing so I can watch it.

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