Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm a 1/12 of the Way There!!!

I did my first lesson tonight. It was really just the history of it all. Just got me SOOOOOOOO excited that this is what I'm going to do. I can't wait!!!

I feel so much better tonight. I felt TERRIBLE earlier today. I left work after just 1/2 a day. I was certain I was going to be sick at my desk, instead I got sick at home. I slept almost all afternoon and felt much better. I had my chiro appt and did my walk. So I feel like I got a lot done today.

I'm thinking about writing a poem. I never really have before. Poems aren't my forte. I just feel inspired to for some reason. I need to work on my screenplay idea.

I was going to try to stay up to watch Craig Ferguson because I'm a tad taken with him, but that's another hr and 1/2 so I guess I'll wait till tomorrow.

What else? Hmmmm, I cannot say. I simply cannot say. Don't Ask Me to Sing!! (reference to Kristen Wiig skit with John Hamm that really tickled me)

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