Monday, March 1, 2010

"You Just Had One of Those 'I glued a bird to my head' Days"

Need to relax? Me too. Listen to this song over and over and just chilllllll the eff out. (you'll need to copy and paste it because the links aren't working here from some reason. it's worth it though, verrrrry pleasant).

It was one of those days. Just felt off. Nothing was wrong. Everyone was nice to me. I just had an "I Glued a Bird to My Head" Day. What movie is that from, Carla? Why it's from "Forget Paris", my Phantom Reader. That scene was the hardest I have ever heard a group of people laugh in a theatre in my life ever. Debra Winger is trying to get a mouse out of her house and puts down a sticky paper trap. She left the sliding glass door open and poor bird gets stuck to it. (Those who know me know that I'd not be keen on the mouse getting stuck there either.) Anyhoo. The bird panics when Winger enters and FLIES UP and gets stuck to her head. Imagine my hair, but shorter. It was a SCENE. So she's frantic. She's driving like a lunatic to get to the vet to help her and she's screaming at the passing cars for people to help her as the bird goes all Hitchcockian on her head. EPIC. Billy Crystal tries to console her later on by saying, "You just had one of those 'I glued a bird to my head' days."

My walk was so vexing tonight. I was so proud that my lungs were doing so well. Nope. The stupid cold, maybe mixed with the dampness kicked my butt, or rather lungs. I really thought I was going to have to call someone to come get me. I wasn't sure I'd get back to the house. I'm so disappointed. I'll keep going. I'm sure I'll get them built up. They are so my Achilles heal. Always have been. My lungs give out before anything else on me. I never stop an activity because my muscles are tired. It's always my lungs.

On the up side. Tried a couple Clarksville businesses today. I'll wait to Yelp them until I see the end product, but I really liked the vibe at Anthony's Dry Cleaners and I had a VERY pleasant convo with the girl at Sweetish Hill. I'll be getting a couple of trays from them for a party Sunday night. So if I get my clothes and bedspread back intact and my guests like the food on Sunday, I'd say a couple 4 to maybe 5 star reviews will be happening. We shall see.

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