Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sickness: Day Two

Well, I finally have started feeling better in the last few hours. So that's good. I think I'm just epically stressed out and am susceptible to whatever comes along. I'm trying to stress less. Trying.

I went for a walk late this afternoon hoping the fresh air would help. On the way back I noticed "Lost" signs for a cat named Malcolm and a dog named Barley. The woman looking for Barley was around and calling out for him/her. I stopped and talked to her. She was so sweet. I was mortified when I got home I realized I was wearing my "Amsterdam: Sex, Drugs, & Canals" shirt. She was so sweet and motherly almost grandmotherly. Hopefully she couldn't read the part after "Amsterdam".

I've had a few promising things happen on the life coaching front this week. That is very encouraging. I was telling Stacy (best friend) that I need to come up with a good 2/3 sentence explanation of what I do because I'm constantly asked "What's a life coach?" and I launch into the biggest explanation ever. Stacy said to tell them that I stand on the sidelines and yell 'LIVE!!!!!!!!" at people. My god, that cracked me up. And now I actually want to do that. So don't be alarmed if I scream 'LIIIIIIIIIVVVVVE!!!!" at you from time to time.

Ohhh, and I'm starting rowing lessons in a few weeks. I know.

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