Monday, March 29, 2010

"I'll Buy You One More Frozen Orange Juice...

on This Fantastic Day." Ohhhhh, I was singing this ALL DAY. It was lovely out today. Not that I was really out in it much. I got out for lunch and then went on a walk when I got home. I got a wee bit of sun. It was glorious.

A week from tomorrow my rowing lessons start. I'm getting all nervous. I mean I'm excited, but I'm just nervous if I'll be good at it. I hope I am.

What else? Ohhh, I'm almost 35. Yeah, that's preoccupying my every thought. You know who will be 80 the day after I'm 35? Grandfather. How fun is that? His 80 sort of steals my 35 thunder, but that's okay ; P

Ummmm, ohhhhh. OMG. The most gorgeous wisteria tree (?) is in bloom on Patterson. I talked to the owner of it and he said it's really outdone itself this year. So if you are in the area go down Patterson (I can tell you specifically where I just don't want to write it) and look at it (and smell it). As I told him, it made my whole day.

Today was one of those "the little things made today awesome" days.

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