Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Deep Inside the Forest Is a Door Into Another World..."

So I did a TON of research on "Grizzly Adams" (I read a 3 paragraph wikipedia article on him). He was real. Want me to drop some grizzly knowledge on you? Well he had his skull broken FOUR times whilst playing with his different bears. Okay, I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but that's a fun fact I never knew. He traveled with PT Barnum. He'd wrestle with his bears and they'd swipe at him and crack his skull like and eggshell. The forth time it left his brain exposed. He died of meningitis that he got from an open head wound he sustained from training a monkey. Should have called him Monkey Adams the dork.

The guy who played Nakoma on the show, also was Michael Meyers in Halloween 5. Don't read about Dan Haggerty because it might bum you out a little.

I have so many pics to choose from but the "Bearotic" cracked me up, and then I learned it's a site for "Bears" (NOT the animal) and I cracked up EVEN more. So that is the photo tonight.

I listened to the song and started crying. Reminded me of being a kid and watching the show and just getting the whole running away from it all did I know all the way back then? Here's the song if you're interested

To think this all came up out of mocking someone. : P


  1. And people wonder why I love you so .....

  2. The sad thing is...I actually know the two guys who run this site. Abraham is "the cub" and Mike is "whatever they call the guy who isn't the cub". They are a great couple.